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A Kodiak man is facing serious drug charges after police discovered more than three ounces of methamphetamine, an ounce of heroin, marijuana and prescription drugs in his possession on Saturday.

Steve Nault, 58, faces charges of second-degree drugs misconduct (a class A felony), third-degree drugs misconduct (a class B felony), fourth-degree drugs misconduct (a class C felony), and misconduct involving weapons (a misdemeanor) for allegedly possessing the drugs.

The charges carry a fine of up to $250,000 and a maximum jail sentence of 20 years.

According to court documents, the Kodiak Police Department obtained search warrants and went to Nault’s home, located in Rasmussen’s trailer court, around noon Saturday.

During the search, police seized over three ounces of methamphetamine, one ounce of heroin, small amounts of marijuana and prescription drugs. Police were still working to determine what type of prescription drugs Nault allegedly had in his possession.

Meth in Kodiak sells for $100 for a tenth of a gram, so police confiscated more than $80,000 worth of drugs.

“It’s fairly sizable," Kodiak Police Chief T.C. Kamai said.

Heroin runs around the same price in Kodiak, Kamai said.

In Nault’s home, police found three scales similar to those commonly used to distribute drugs, a large amount of packaging material and over $9,000 in cash.

Kamai said this was the first large drug bust of the year.

“I don’t think we’ve made any others this year that were of this kind of significance where we had that quantity of product,” he said.

Police also seized two loaded revolvers and an unloaded shotgun near the scales and illegal drugs.

The Kodiak Police Department worked with the Alaska State Troopers and Alaska Wildlife Troopers to conduct the bust since it took place in trooper jurisdiction. Having the extra law enforcement officers involved also ensured the bust was safer, Kamai said.

“I was very satisfied with the outcome,” Kamai said. “I’m always satisfied anytime we send people into harms way and they don’t get hurt.”

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information about Nault's activities can contact Kodiak Crime Stoppers, Inc. at or by telephone at 486-3113. Tips can also be sent anonymously through a text message by texting 274637, and including 486TIP in the text line with the tip.

Contact Mirror writer Nicole Klauss at

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated the street value of the meth. Meth goes for $100 for a tenth of a gram in Kodiak.

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