Honoring seniors typically happens during a home sporting event, but traditions are tossed aside in a COVID-19 world. 

On Friday, in a near-empty gymnasium, the Kodiak High School volleyball program honored its six seniors — Emily Jancauskas, Teanna Amodo, Cyana Medrano, Kaylie Sockwell, Angelica Paguio and Shalliah Capili. 

Parents of the seniors were invited to attend and were spaced apart in the stands. 

“It is very bizarre to be having a senior night without a match. We are so grateful you could come tonight so we could get this in,” Kodiak coach Amy Willis told the parents in attendance. 

The school district is not allowing sports teams to travel or host teams through September, but Kodiak coach Amy Willis is hopeful her team will get matches in October. 

“Regions is still scheduled, and state is still scheduled, so we are very, very hopeful,” Willis said. “I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to celebrate these young ladies.”

Parents greeted their child on the court when announcer Mat Freeman introduced them. 

Tears, smiles, and lot of photos were taken during the brief ceremony.

“They are, without a doubt, phenomenal young women and are great leaders on and off the court. I am so proud to be their coach,” Willis said. 


Parents — Jennifer Nut and Daniel Jancauskas

Favorite memory — Beating Chugiak High School after our game reaching the 30’s in points. 

Future plans — Attend college in the states and pursue a career in the medical field. 

Thank you — Mom for always supporting my Passions and pushing me to be the best version of myself. Grandparents for always showing me unconditional love and being reliable supporters. Dad for celebrating important milestones. To all my friends and family that has ever shown me support and love throughout the years. 


Parents — Phyllis and Rolin Amodo

Favorite memory — Driving from Anchorage to the Florida Keys, while being able to see family from coast to coast. 

Future plans — To attend college at University of Alaska Fairbanks and enter the Coast Guard as an officer. I would like to be apart of the aviation field of some sort. 

Thank you — To my family, teachers and coaches. And a huge thanks to my teammates for being phenomenal athletes and teammates. 


Parents — Brandi and Abraham Medrano

Favorite memory — One of my favorite memories was last week when a bat was flying around the gym during our scrimmage and everyone was screaming. 

Future plans — After high school, I plan to join the Coast Guard as a marine science technician so I can keep moving and living in new places. 

Thank you — Thank you to my parents for pushing me to my limits in sports and driving me to practices freshman and sophomore year. Thank you to Emily and Kaylie for learning how to deal with me when I get frustrated during games and all my teammates for making practices and trips so much fun. 


Parents — Emie Valenzuela and Kris Sockwell

Favorite memory — Too many memories to choose from, but if I had to chose one, it would be getting stuck in Anchorage from regions. It sounds weird, but I got to bond with my teammates to a different extent and ride the ferry for the first time. 

Future plans — I plan on going to college somewhere along the West Coast, and I plan to major in psychology to help others understand behavioral and mental processes. 

Thank you — To my mom for supporting me through my volleyball career. To my friends for keeping me in this sport and making volleyball even more enjoyable. To my coaches for seeing the potential in me, even when I didn’t. 


Parents — Jun Paguio and Evangeline Paguio

Favorite memory — My favorite memory would be playing in two teams, which was junior varsity and varsity. I got to practice an extra hour — it was tiring, but it was worth it. I am very blessed not just because I got to play with two teams but also got to know upper and lower classmen. 

Future plans — After high school, I plan to join the military and go to college to pursue business. 

Thank you — I would like to thank all the coaches for all the hard work and dedication. Thank you for spending hours of your time for us to be better athletes. To my family, thank you for supporting me. I am very grateful for everything. 


Parents — Lea and Wendel Capili

Favorite memory — Rolling my ankle in the first 26 minutes of my first day of C-team practice. Singing a bunch of songs in the van and getting ice cream junior varsity year. And the extreme journey to get to regions last year. 

Future plans — Not exactly sure, but I will be attending University of Alaska Anchorage and do something in the medical field. 

Thank you — To my team, especially Marielle, Kaylie, Cy and Emily for being my bestest friends on the court and making me laugh every day. To all the coaches who gave me the opportunity to represent Kodiak High School volleyball. Coach Amy who pushes me to the best on and off the court and makes sure I am OK. Coach Rick and Jasmine who give amazing advice and endless support. Coach Donn who made me the setter I am today. Coach Erica who is the most chill and laid back person ever. And to all those who continuously support KHS volleyball year after year. This program would not be the same without them. It’s always a great day to be a Bear!


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