An outside consultant in charge of the city’s rebuild of Pier 3 has narrowed the field of potential construction contractors down to three companies, with hopes of project completion next year.

“Pacific Pile, American Construction Company, and Manson Construction Company are the three that we are negotiating with,” project manager Roe Sturgulewski told the Daily Mirror. “We’re discussing some of the scope elements with them. There will be more of a public update next week.”

Sturgulewski, hired from management firm ARCADIS, added that the Kodiak City Council will have the final decision based on his recommendation. He added that he could have an announcement by March 18.

Planning for a new Pier 3 – Kodiak’s principal cargo pier — began last decade after inspections revealed extensive corrosion. Without a replacement, the city risked having it condemned as unsafe. Roughly $600,000 was spent to fix the pier before the Alaska Legislature and a statewide port and harbor bond provided $33 million to replace it altogether.

There were concerns that the pier would have to be shortened to stay within budget, but Sturgulewski maintains that budget and scope are part of the negotiations with the contractors.

“They had been talking about trimming 48 feet of dock and that’s a nominally part of the discussion that we’re having with the contractors,” Sturgulewski said. “We’re negotiating with the contractors to have the project within budget and we anticipate that it will be.”

The Kodiak City Council has the final authority to award the contract. That vote could be made at the council meeting on March 27.

If everything proceeds as planned, a rebuilt Pier 3 could be in action by mid-2015. “The intent is to bring the crane over by the latter half of 2015 and everything is tracking toward that,” Sturgulewski added.

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