A Kodiak man allegedly broke into a boat at the Saint Herman Harbor on the morning of Oct. 24, according to court documents. 

Jarrod Sturgeon, 29, is being charged with felony burglary and misdemeanor theft. A passerby reportedly saw him trying to break into a fishing vessel. 

He was previously convicted of burglary in February. 

The man who reported the break-in told police he saw Sturgeon wearing a headlight while on the boat at around 7 a.m. 

He also said he knows the owner and that Sturgeon did not appear to be the owner or a crew member. 

Officers arrived and spoke to Sturgeon, who said he worked on the boat in August and was collecting his belongings, one of which was the headlamp he was wearing. 

The officers asked Sturgeon if he had permission to be on the boat. 

Sturgeon said he didn’t think he needed permission because he used to work for the owner, but when asked for the owner’s name, he said he could not remember. 

Following a request by the officers, the boat owner arrived on scene and said he did not recognize Sturgeon nor had he given him permission to be on the boat. 

The owner searched for missing items and said he thought some flashlights may have been taken. 

Because Sturgeon was on probation for burglary, the responding officers called his probation officer, who told them to search Sturgeon for drugs and paraphernalia. 

Upon searching him, officers found multiple knives, flashlights and lighters, some of which belonged to the owner of the boat, according to the documents. The estimated amount of the stolen items was $50. 

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