A Kodiak man who allegedly downloaded more than 20,000 adult images was found guilty on child pornography charges Thursday, receiving four years in jail with two suspended and five years probation.

Rudyard Ramos, 49, is also required to register as a sex offender and is not allowed to possess any pornography.

A jury found Ramos guilty on nine child pornography charges in January. He had 76 images of children and an additional 80 found later, as well as 22,000 to 24,000 adult images.

Ramos’ attorney had requested that mitigating factors related to his mental state be considered and that he be given no time in jail.

The prosecution had asked for two years in jail with two suspended, the lower end of the two- to 12-year range with at least two years suspended allowed by state statute, said Judge Steve Cole during sentencing Thursday.

Cole denied the mitigating factors requested by defense attorney Emily Jura that would have allowed a shorter sentence.

Although he may not have intended to download the images, Ramos did not take substantial steps to delete the images, and Ramos did not have an extraordinary chance at successful rehabilitation, although he did have a “good or very good” chance, Cole found.

“I’ve got a duty to look at the totality of the circumstances because there are a lot of different ways you can look at the defendant’s conduct,” Cole said.

Cole later said that although Ramos was not a pedophile and did not intend to download child pornography, even accidentally doing so contributes to a cycle of exploitation.

“People out there who download child pornography, even passively or sloppily or as the witnesses or attorneys call ‘bycatch,’ that still creates a demand for child pornography,” Cole said. “Those sleazy adults and businesses out there who have access to children who, in the pursuit of money, would use that demand to continue to further exploit these children and keep the abuse going, even the actions of low-level viewers and incidental downloaders of child pornography promote the continued victimization of young children.”

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