BELTRAN (Photo provided by the Alaska State Troopers)

Bryce Beltran, charged with assaulting a woman once and then coming back another day to assault her again, is free on bond Monday after his alleged victim told the court she wasn’t worried about her safety “at all.”

Beltran, 20, was placed under the custody of his uncle and aunt after paying a $2,500 cash performance bond.

It took two weeks for Alaska State Troopers to find Beltran. After the first assault took place in the Bells Flats area last month, troopers described Beltran as a “dangerous” person and said he left in a stolen vehicle with a .308 rifle.

“I don’t think about the flight risk,” Judge Steve Cole said while pondering whether Beltran should be released on bond. "It’s the danger to the community.”

Cole said among the 25 charges filed against Beltran were five felony accusations connected with violence.

Cole said he had “strong misgivings” about releasing Beltran.

“I am not completely comfortable with this because I don’t know you,” he said, looking at Beltran, who wore an orange prison jumpsuit.

But Cole said he changed his mind, citing the state prosecutor’s weak opposition against Beltran’s release and because he believes Beltran’s relatives are “strong third-party custodians.”

Beltran’s aunt and uncle own a commercial jigging boat. His uncle, the boat’s skipper, said he would take him fishing off Kodiak, hoping to employ him during the salmon season with five other men.

As Beltran’s primary custodian, his uncle was informed of the conditions. Beltran should be “within sight and sound” of the custodian 24 hours a day.

The state prosecutor said Beltran’s uncle could face up to a year in jail if he fails to follow the conditions.

“I could?” his uncle asked. “Yes,” the prosecutor replied.

The judge asked the alleged victim to speak up.

“How do you feel about this bail proposal?” Cole asked. “Do you feel you will be in danger?”

“I’m not worried about it at all,” the woman said after urging the judge to drop the charges. (It is the policy of the Kodiak Daily Mirror not to identify assault victims.)

The judge said Beltran may not call the alleged victim or send her text messages. He is also not allowed to discuss the case with her.

“How you act in the next several months will probably have a bearing on how this all ends up,” Cole told Beltran.

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