Carol Austerman

Kodiak Community Health Center has named Carol Austerman as its new executive director.

Kodiak Community Health Center has found a new executive director. In a news release, KCHC announced that Carol Austerman, who previously worked as the center’s compliance and regulatory director, has been working in the position since June 16.

“With the incorporation of the KIMA team and patients, the focus now was on finding a leader who understands Kodiak’s unique culture and can work with the community and team to enhance the quality and timeliness of services from KCHC to the community,” said David Bradbury, KCHC board chair, via the release.

Following a nationwide search for KCHC’s new leader, Austerman was selected from a field of over 250 candidates. Through an intensive interview process, the release states that “Carol clearly rose to the top, demonstrating both the technical skills, experience, and institutional knowledge needed to successfully lead KCHC into the future.”

Austerman has a bachelor’s degree in communications and a business management background, as well as long-term ties to the Kodiak community. 

She has sat on the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly and is a current board member of Hospice and Palliative Care of Kodiak. Austerman spent the last nearly three years at KCHC in her prior role as compliance and regulatory director and was previously on the KCHC Board for five years. 

Austerman is replacing Jessica Cotton, who was KCHC’s executive director from October 2017.

“Jessica worked with the Board to lead KCHC through the recent growth and equipped the organization for the future,” the release states. 

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