The city voted to authorize the payment of $185,299 to 19 nonprofit organizations in Kodiak at a regular city council meeting on Thursday. 

The annual payment to nonprofits may not exceed $175,000 and is equal to a maximum of 1% of the General Fund revenue. Similar to last year, the extra funding will come out of the Tourism Fund for programs at the Kodiak Maritime Museum and the Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository. 

The resolution allows the city to provide $5,000 each for youth and adult recreation programs, and up to $15,000 each for public safety support and emergency response support programs. 

Agencies also have the ability to apply for a special one-time grant for special projects when the city has additional funds available. 

The council has authorized nonprofit funding since 1982, and created the $175,000 cap on the funding in 2005. 

“The City Council continues to recognize the value of supporting the efforts of local nonprofits through grant funding, in-kind awards, and other types of support throughout the year,” City Manager Mike Tvenge wrote in his report on the resolution. 

During the Thursday meeting, the council passed an amendment to the resolution, decreasing the amount requested by the American Red Cross by $300 to a total of $7,000 to meet the $175,000 limit.

The Red Cross will use the funding to offset the costs of maintaining an office in Kodiak at 610 Mill Bay Road. In an email to the city, the organization said the office is used as a base of operations in the event of a disaster to coordinate local relief efforts. 

The office also conducts case work for clients who experience a disaster, serves as a training site for Red Cross volunteers and provides storage and telecommunications for Red Cross staff. 

The city granted $98,000 to eight organizations that provide public safety support programs, with funds ranging from $6,000 to $15,000 each. The organizations included nonprofits providing shelter and food to the community as well as Kodiak Teen Court, Humane Society of Kodiak and Senior Citizens of Kodiak. 

The city also granted $10,000 to several youth recreation programs, with $5,000 each going to the Kodiak Girl Scouts and Kodiak Hockey League. 

A total of $15,000 went to adult recreation programs, with $5,000 each granted to three nonprofits including Hope Community Resources, Kodiak Arts Council and Special Olympics - Kodiak Area.  

A total of $52,300 went to four organizations that provide emergency response support, including the Kodiak Area Transit System, Kodiak Public Broadcasting Corporation, Providence Kodiak Island Counseling/Safe Harbor and the American Red Cross of Alaska.

The city also provided in-kind contributions of rent or utilities to numerous nonprofits equal to about $368,000. Organizations that benefited included Senior Citizens of Kodiak, Kodiak Chamber of Commerce, Alaska Wing Civil Air Patrol and Brother Francis Shelter, among others. 

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