Keyse earns top honors at beard and moustache contest

Mathew Keyse

Mathew Keyse and his mutton chops will make their way to Anchorage for Mr. Fur Face — a 61-year-old tradition — after a battle of the beards in Kodiak Saturday evening at the second annual Kodiak Beard and Moustache Contest.

After a shout about his impending trip to Anchorage, Keyse spilled the very simple secrets to winning the competition, which happens to be the first time he’s entered it.

“Just make sure you let it grow out and don’t trim it,” he said. “You got to let it keep growing.”

After that it’s “lot’s of trimming and shaving,” he said.

He entered the contest just for fun, and that’s what the whole night was all about: a band played, mustache wax was handed around for another creative contest and prizes were handed out.

“It’s a fun, politically incorrect, feel good event to do with hairy events both on and off the face,” event organizer Judi Kidder said.

Different categories included the best mustache in Kodiak, best beard and ladies fake division, a division that had one lady wearing a four-foot beard made of recycled nets — a tribute to recycling and the contest’s point of giving proceeds to Threshold Recycling.

When judged, all participants had to take into account the crowd at Tony’s Bar.

“Each contestant has a chance to work the crowd and the louder the crowd the more influence on the judges,” Kidder said.

Many took this to heart and gave rambunctious displays to jazz the crowd from flopping around on the floor, rolling around (at which one point someone lost their glasses) and just having a fun time. The displays were only matched by the quality of beards.

“Kodiak has some of the greatest beards,” Kidder said.

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