Mihay Kalugin, 27, was last seen alive on Feb. 22. Police said the body recovered from St. Paul Harbor in Kodiak on Friday night matched Kalugin's description. (KPD photo)

Police recovered the body of a man from St. Paul Harbor in Kodiak Friday night and initial investigation indicated it was that of a Homer fisherman who was reported missing since Feb. 22, police said.

Kodiak Police Chief Ronda Wallace said the body’s clothing and physical characteristics matched the description of 27-year-old Mihay Kalugin, a crewman of the fishing vessel Competition.

A relative from Homer, Alexi Reutov, was on the scene when police and harbor officers, using a skiff, pulled the body from the water and brought it ashore. The body was found near the “A” float, police said.

The cause of death is still unknown, Wallace said in a news release. She said arrangements have been made to transport the body to the State Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy.

According to a Kodiak Police Department’s Facebook posting on Feb. 24, Kalugin was last seen in the Kodiak downtown area during the early morning hours on Feb. 22 and his direction of travel was unknown.

He was described as 6 foot tall, 195 pounds with blond hair, heavy beard and hazel eyes.

Radio station KMXT said in its March 9 report that Reutov, Kalugin’s cousin, was in Kodiak to help the family search and to take Kalugin’s place on the family-run longliner. Reutov said he was told Kalugin had a fight with three people in the harbor.

“My other cousin told me he (Kalugin) was fighting with three people in the harbor. Fighting with one guy and two other guys jumped on top of him and hit him in the head,” KMXT quoted Reutov as saying. Reutov said “too much” blood came out of Kalugin’s head. “(That was) four o’clock in the morning and after there, he disappeared and nobody knows nothing.”

Reutov said his family received word that Kalugin was seen shopping for camping gear, including sleeping bags, clothes and boots, at Walmart later on the Sunday he disappeared.

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