A repeat offender has been charged with felony burglary after allegedly entering several bars from which he has been permanently banned.

A police affidavit states that the Kodiak Police Department received a call at about 7:40 p.m. Tuesday from a person at the Village Bar. The person told KPD that Ronald A. Morataya had entered the bar but left when she told him that she would call the police. The affidavit notes that Morataya had been banned from the bar since November 2016.

Officers began checking the surrounding areas, according to the report. They entered Bernie’s Bar and were told by the bartender that Morataya had been there but was told to leave. The affidavit notes that Morataya has been banned from Bernie’s Bar since August 2014.

The officers then went to Tony’s Bar. The bartender there stated that Morataya had been there and was told to leave. Two patrons of the bar who happened to be off-duty officers escorted him from the bar when he refused to leave, according to the report.

The affidavit states that Morataya has been banned from Tony’s Bar since April 2015.

The affidavit also states that during these events, Morataya repeatedly attempted to engage with a person with stalking protective order against him.

Officers eventually made contact with Morataya in the downtown mall’s parking lot. He was placed under arrest for criminal trespass and violating a protective order.

At the jail, the affidavit notes, Morataya was found to be in possession of a document that listed all of the locations from which he is banned. 

A corrections officer stated that he had given Morataya the document when Morataya was released from jail earlier that day at 4:41 p.m. 

The corrections officer also stated that he had witnessed Morataya ripping up and disposing of some paperwork when he was released.

An officer checked the trash can and located a torn up copy of the protective order that was allegedly violated three hours later.

Morataya was charged with three counts of criminal trespass and violating a protective order, all misdemeanors. He was also charged with felony burglary. 

The complaint notes that a burglary charge can be applied after a person “entered or remained unlawfully in a building with the intent to commit a crime in the building.”

The five new charges mean Morataya has been charged 13 times since June, according to Alaska court records. Of the 13, five charges have been dismissed by the prosecution. One charge of stalking and one charge of assault remain unsettled. In July, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment. 

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