Beat the Heat

Members of Rooted, a Berean Youth Ministry group, were helping locals beat the heat by selling snow cones on Mill Bay Road to raise money for a mission trip to Oregon. The group will also be raising funds with a car wash on Saturday in front of Kodiak Vision Clinic. 6/26/2019

Kodiak weather broke records last week, with new daily record-high temperature recorded on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The high of 83 recorded on Tuesday is the hottest temperature recorded in Kodiak this summer, tying the temperature recorded on July 3.

The high of 81 recorded on Wednesday marked the warmest temperature ever recorded on Aug. 7, breaking the previous record of 75 set in 1957.

The high of 79 recorded on Thursday tied the previous record of 79 degrees recorded on Aug. 8, 2013.

Kodiak is in the midst of a seven-day streak of temperatures rising above 70 degrees. The record of a 70-plus degree streak in Kodiak is nine days, set in summer 2013. Kodiak is expected to break that record this week, with temperatures predicted to rise above 70 every day until Saturday, according to Dave Percy, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

Kodiak also is in the midst of 21-day stretch without precipitation, 10 days short of the 31-day record set in April 1948. Kodiak experienced a 28-day dry spell in 1959 and a 26-day dry spell in 2017. No precipitation is forecast in Kodiak through Sunday, bringing the Emerald Isle closer to breaking these records. 

While The Rock has experienced one of the driest and warmest summers on record, the Alaska Interior has recently seen significant rainfall. Denali National Park and Preserve implemented a brief road closure because of potential mudslides on Thursday, and a flood watch was issued in the park on Monday.

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