Trailer units at Jackson Mobile Home Park on Spruce Cape Road are seen. The land is up for rezoning.

There will be public hearings on five ordinances under consideration by the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly during a regular meeting on Thursday, including a proposed rezone of the former Jackson Mobile Home Park property and a quarterly budget adjustment.

Emerald Isle Estates LLC is requesting a rezone from R3-Multifamily Residential to R1-Single-Family Residential of the 11.8-acre tract of land on Spruce Cape Road that was formerly Jackson Mobile Home Park. 

The KIB Planning and Zoning Commission in August voted in favor of the rezone, a decision that forwarded the rezone request to the assembly for final approval. 

The owner is seeking to subdivide the property “to create a residential neighborhood that is safe for single family owned residences, and senior citizen owned residences,” according to the application.

Assembly member Kyle Crow has questioned the assembly’s responsibility to ensure adequate “subdivision potential and dense development” in the community. According to Crow, the property is one of the few areas in the community where sewer and water access is conducive to denser development.

“I respect the owner’s right to do whatever he wants with it, but I’m kind of hung up on our responsibility … for guiding the look and the nature and our vision for the community,” he said.

Crow joined other assembly members at the Oct. 19 assembly regular meeting to vote unanimously to advance the rezone to public hearing.

Regardless of whether the assembly approves the rezone, the property owner can limit construction on the lots to single-family homes with covenants written into the sales of the subdivided property, according to KIB Community Development Department staff.   

Another ordinance would allow for a fiscal year 2018 budget adjustment to account for unanticipated revenues and expenditures and moving of funds between projects.

Items in the budget revision include acceptance of a grant monies of $600,000 for brownfield site revitalization and approximately $154,800 for self-contained breathing apparatus for Fire Protection Area No. 1. The fire protection grant requires a $7,700 match. 

It also includes payment of over $120,000 from the Renewal and Replacement Fund for emergency repairs to a culvert at the East Elementary School ballfield and accounts for the $13,000 “rent holiday” extended to two nonprofits during the assembly’s nonprofit grant discussions. 

The borough will consider in another ordinance whether to reestablish Title 2 boards, commissions and committees, including the Lands Committee, the Personnel Advisory Board, the Emergency Services Council and the Kodiak Economic Development Commission. 

Also on the agenda for public hearings are an ordinance that would allow assembly members to participate in meetings by teleconference and another that would allow the assembly to set and adopt a meeting calendar for the following year. 

The assembly regular meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday in the assembly chambers. 

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