A Kodiak teen injured in a fall from a cliff near White Sands Beach is on the mend in Anchorage and may return home to Kodiak soon.

Brenda Finley reports that her son Nathan, 14, slipped on a mossy trail heading towards a beach near White Sands on July 5, resulting in a significant fall.

Estimates of the fall were between 20 and 30 feet.

“He lost his footing on the moss… He slipped and he fell and he went sliding. He kept sliding until he reached the edge and just went over,” Finley told the Mirror.

She adds that Nathan landed face down on the rocks.

The injuries were extensive.

Finley said he suffered a basilar skull fracture, torn ligaments in his neck and knee, a broken rib, bilateral wrist fractures, a broken right elbow, a broken sacrum, a left fibular fracture, a broken jaw, a small bleed in his brain and some bruising.

She added that Finley is recovering quickly, however, and that doctors “expect him to make a full recovery.”

The family is working with Providence Medical Center in Anchorage to get him set up Nathan with a care regimen so that he can live back home in Kodiak.

“They’re talking about discharge on Monday,” Finley said.

Finley said the matter was simply an accident and definitely not a product of fooling-around or risk taking.

“He slipped and he was trying to stop himself… He wasn’t walking around the edge of anything or taking any chances. It was just an accident that happened,” she said.

She also reports that the family was amazed at the amount of community support they have received.

“The outpouring of support and prayers and everything we’ve gotten from the community has been absolutely incredible. So we are very, very thankful to live in a place like Kodiak, where people just rally around us like this,” she said.

At the end of the day, the Finleys are overwhelmed by the miracle that Nathan survived the fall.

“We know how blessed we are to have Nathan. The human body wasn’t made to withstand those kinds of impacts… Definitely God has His hand in this,” Finley said.

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