KPD detective retires after 20 years on the job

Sgt. Milton Bohac stands outside the Kodiak Police Department on his last day, on Aug. 31. (Nicole Klauss photo)

Detective Sgt. Milton Bohac started and ended his police career in Kodiak.

Milton retired last week after working for the Kodiak Police Department for 20 years.

The position was Bohac’s first job out of college, and he started out just like any other policeman — as a patrol officer responding to calls on the streets of Kodiak.

“Being a patrol officer is very exciting,” Bohac said. “You get involved in a lot of different dynamic situations that change very quickly and you have to make decisions, very quickly.”

Bohac spent around seven years as one of Kodiak’s patrol officers before being bumped up to narcotics detective and later, major crimes detective.

In 2001, he was promoted to detective sergeant, a job involving the supervision of other detectives. He kept that job until his retirement.

Police Chief T.C. Kamai worked with Bohac from the first day Bohac joined the Kodiak Police Department.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Milton since the very first day,” Kamai said. “He and I have followed each other through the police department. He worked with me as a police officer then a detective and a supervisor. He is very focused and dedicated.”

During his police career, Bohac was involved in high-profile cases ranging from homicides to forgery cases and everything in between.

“To my knowledge he is the longest-serving investigative unit supervisor in the history of our police department,” Kamai said. “He has worked on a number of big cases.”

One case Bohac remembers vividly involved a missing child. The child had been dropped off by the school bus, but didn’t make it home. It was several hours before the child was found, Bohac said.

“That was very exciting and gratifying to be able to find that the child was OK,” Bohac said. He was the detective sergeant at the time and led the operation.

Bohac said the people he worked with were what made him stay at the Kodiak Police Department for his whole career.

“What makes it enjoyable is the people we have here,” Bohac said. “The police department has changed so much in the 20 years that I’ve been here. It’s just one big team right now, and that makes it nice to work here.”

Now that he’s retired, Bohac plans to stay in Kodiak and catch up on fishing and hunting.

Kamai has already appointed someone to fill Bohac’s position. None of Bohac’s investigations will lose continuity because other detectives will be working on them.

Sgt. Rhonda Wallace, currently at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va., will soon join the Kodiak Police Department staff in Milton’s place.

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