Sen. Dan Sullivan

I want to thank the courageous work of our law enforcement officials today, including the Capitol police, some of whom were injured. I want to thank the many Alaskans who reached out to make sure my team and I were safe. 

The violence that transpired today in the U.S. Capitol building was a disgrace and will go down as one of the sadder and more dispiriting days in our country’s history. But those who chose violence in order to disrupt our constitutional duties will not have the last word. We need to go back to the Senate chamber tonight to finish the important work of the Congress in counting the Electoral College vote. This will ensure that an orderly transition of power — one of the most sacred hallmarks of our great constitutional republic — takes place on January 20. 

Today, the world witnessed our Capitol under siege. Tonight, they will witness the resiliency of America’s democracy. 

Rep. Don Young

My staff and I are currently safe and accounted for. Peaceful protest is fundamentally American, but violence must never be tolerated. I call on protestors to comply with Capitol Police, stand down, and leave the Capitol Building so that our Constitutional duties may resume.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski

The dangerous destructive activity at the Capitol is continuing to unfold. I, along with other members of the Senate, are secure but the situation is clearly not safe. It is truly mob rule at the moment.

My prayers are with the officers that are protecting and defending and who have gone down. Mr. President, tell your supporters to stop the violence. Stop the assault. Now.

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