Some of Kodiak’s roughest streets will get some help from the Alaska Department of Transportation.

Benny Benson Drive, Island Lake Road, Cut-Off Road, Spruce Cape Road and Monashka Bay Road will all have their potholes patched next summer. Repairs to the Chiniak Highway in Bells Flats are also planned but may not come until 2015.

“The hope would be we could construct it this coming summer in 2014, but it may lapse into 2015,” said Sean Baski, project manager for the Chiniak Highway repairs.

Repairs to Kodiak’s eastside streets will take place next summer — the state is accepting bids through this afternoon. Project manager Mahear Aboueid was unavailable to discuss the repairs, but the project’s details were disclosed by the Department of Transportation.

Just over six miles of road will be resurfaced, a distance comparable to the repaving of Rezanof Drive. Unlike that notable project, next summer’s work will be spread among several Kodiak streets.

Benny Benson, consistently rated one of the roughest streets in Kodiak, will be repaved, and the steep stretch between Rezanof Drive and Mission Road will receive particular attention.

Nearby, North Cut-Off Road between Mission and Rezanof will be repaved. Below both Cut-Off and Benny Benson, Spruce Cape will be spruced up from Benny Benson to the SEAL base gate.

On Island Lake Road, plans call for 2,000 feet of paving. Work on Monashka Bay Road will extend from Abercrombie Drive to Pillar Creek, extending the progress made by the Rezanof Drive repaving project.

The state also plans to add new reflectors and road markers on the Chiniak and Pasagshak highways.

Baski said the scope of improvements to the Chiniak Highway in Bell’s Flats are still being determined. Engineers intend to examine the bridges over Russian, Salonie and Panamaroff creeks to see whether they need work as well.

At the least, Baski said, the road will be repaved.

“We try to shoot for the stars,” he said.

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