KODIAK — The Kodiak Island Borough Planning and Zoning Commission gave the go-ahead for several parts of a new communications system linking Ouzinkie and Port Lions with Kodiak, but held off on approving the key component, a 70-foot tower in Ouzinkie.

The tower’s proposed site lacks a mandatory 20-foot setback, something that wasn’t apparent until late in the approval process. To allow Kodiak Kenai Cable Company, operator of the proposed tower, time to resubmit its proposal, the zoning commission delayed a decision until its August meeting.

“I don’t see a major impact on our construction schedule,” KKCC program manager Dave Burns said. “We may have to slip that foundation by a week or two, but we have plenty of other work for our crews to do.”

Ouzinkie Mayor Dan Clarion expects the modified proposal to move ahead smoothly.

“There’s not a man, woman or child in Ouzinkie that would oppose this,” Clarion said.

In a separate case, the zoning commission voted unanimously to approve a microwave tower at the intersection of Rezanof Drive and Mill Bay Road in Kodiak. Approval required a variance to allow the approximately 60-foot tower where zoning limits structures to 50 feet high.

The microwave system will link Ouzinkie and Port Lions to the same fiber-optic cable that supplies Kodiak with broadband Internet. It includes two other stations that were approved unanimously.

In other business, the zoning commission voted 5-2 to approve the creation of a five-lot residential subdivision at the corner of Lilly Drive and Eider Street in the Miller Point area behind The Next Page bookstore. The area currently is a storage area for fishing gear.

Three area residents suggested additional traffic could prove a hazard.

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