The Kodiak Island Brewing Co. is asking for permission to put a deck on the roof of their downtown building.

A local commission approved a parking variance application for a downtown brewery, clearing the way for the construction of a deck on the business’ roof. 

Kodiak Island Brewery owner Ben Millstein would like to build the deck on the roof of his business, which would increase the total number of required spaces at the location from 33 to 46. 

There is enough room on the property for 36 parking spaces, according to borough staff. 

The Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved the parking variance from 46 to 36 spaces.

According to Jack Maker, borough assistant planner, staff discovered in researching the variance that Kodiak’s parking requirements for businesses exceed those from other Alaska municipalities. 

“During our research for this variance, staff pulled up the zoning codes for 10 other municipalities … using their codes to calculate the parking requirement for this facility with the expanded deck,” he said. 

“That kind of brought to our attention that our parking code is more stringent than most, if not all, other municipalities in Alaska.”

Also, Maker pointed out that many neighboring downtown businesses have less parking than required by code because they have been grandfathered in or received parking variances from the existing parking requirements. 

Speaking on the brewery parking variance application, Commissioner Maria Painter said the addition could help with downtown revitalization and echoed other commissioners’ in pointing out that parking is available in other locations, including city lots. 

Brewery owner Ben Millstein has indicated he would like to have the deck ready by next summer. 


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