Arlo Guthrie to perform on Tuesday

Arlo Guthrie

Folk music legend Arlo Guthrie will bring his voice and his guitar to the stage of the Gerald C. Wilson Auditorium on Tuesday night.

Guthrie, best known for songs like “Alice’s Restaurant” and “Coming into Los Angeles,” is doing a solo tour to honor the centennial year of his father, Woody Guthrie, which was 2012. His tour, “Here Comes the Kid,” celebrates the contributions his late father made to shape American folk music. Guthrie will perform his own renditions of his father’s songs.

Arts Council executive director Katie Oliver said former director Tom Quass was responsible for booking Guthrie to come to Kodiak.

“Gauging from the ticket sales and the amount of excitement we’ve heard around town about his visit, I think it was a great choice,” she said.

Kodiak is one of four stops on the Alaska leg of Guthrie’s tour. Other Alaska stops include the Hering Auditorium in Fairbanks, the Festival of the Arts in Juneau and the Atwood Concert Hall in Anchorage.

Guthrie wrote about his upcoming Alaska tour in an April 21 blog post on his website

“I’m hoping to beat it out of there before the Kodiak bears remember they haven’t eaten for months,” he wrote.

After Guthrie completes his Alaska portion, he will return to the Lower 48 to perform in Wisconsin.

The Arts Council is expecting a large turnout, and will open the drama pods for the concert to give an additional 250 seats.

“We’re expecting a very full house,” Oliver said.

There will only be one more concert in the Arts Council’s 2012-2013 performing arts series. Oliver has been working on the 2013-2014 series since December, when she took over as executive director.

“We’ll be releasing the new schedule over Crab Festival,” she said.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the show starts at 7 p.m., at the Gerald C. Wilson Auditorium. Tickets are $47 for adults, $42 for seniors ages 60 and up, and $37 for students. Tickets can be purchased on the Kodiak Arts Council website at or from the Kodiak Arts Council office. The seat map is also available online.

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