Bob Stanford

Bob Stanford

In the weeks leading up to the municipal election, the Kodiak Daily Mirror has been publishing Q&As for candidates running for borough assembly, city council and board of education. 

Bob Stanford  is one of two uncontested candidates running for a three-year term on the Kodiak City Council. Originally from Seattle, he has been flying aircraft in Kodiak for more than 40 years and owned Island Air Service until 2015. 

Why have you decided to run? 

I decided to run as this is an appropriate moment in my life where I believe I can invest the required time to serve in this capacity.  Having sold Island Air Service five years ago and adjusting to a less tasking lifestyle, I believe my life experiences flying and running businesses here in Kodiak can be of assistance in serving in this public endeavor. 

What upcoming issues are important to you? What changes do you want to see happen in the city? 

I  have no set agenda, only questions. I’ve watched the unification discussion rearing its head for most of the last 40 years with little outcome. Ongoing growth and a friendly environment to do business, combined with our unique recreational opportunities, are interests. I believe our diversities of  interests keep Kodiak a vibrant place to raise our families, work, serve and retire in. 

How are you qualified for this position? 

I believe I’m qualified by virtue of four decades of engagement working, recreating and raising our family here in Kodiak city and the borough at large. I’ve served with the Kodiak Island Visitors and Convention Board in the past. The close ties I’ve had the pleasure to grow in the greater island archipelago I feel are important to our combined healthy lifestyles and choices.

Tell me a bit about yourself and your background. 

I was born in Seattle, raised in California until my late teens. We returned to Seattle from which I finished some college and my flight ratings. I flew an aircraft to Kodiak in October 1977 and never left. Three years later, I bought and ran Island Air until approximately five years ago. My wife Jenny and I have raised our five children here for about half of their lives with a period of co-living in Utah where Jenny obtained her teaching degree. We are very active and enjoy most outdoor activities, especially hiking the various trails here in Kodiak. Some highlights have been various hunting and fishing trips, flying, snow machining (Jenny and I rode 1,100 miles on the Iditarod trail in 2019).  We are looking forward to our upcoming jet ski trip from Seattle to Prince Rupert in June of 2021. Kodiak dance and arts have been a strong portion of our family life. 

Kodiak Daily Mirror also reached out to Kodiak Island Borough Assembly candidates Alexander Hartman and Sandra Katelnikoff-Lester, as well as Kodiak Island Borough School Board Candidate Duncan Fields, but did not hear back from them in time to include their profiles in the municipal election candidate Q&A series.

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