Derek Clarkston/Kodiak Daily Mirror Kodiak’s Kahye Yu, right, and Kenai’s Hannah Barcus line up for a free-throw attempt during a high school basketball game Saturday at Kodiak High School.

Kahye Yu went up for a rebound. She came down without the ball and her right arm dangling like a noodle.

The Kodiak High School junior has replayed that moment in her head several times, but still does not know how her shoulder got dislocated in last Thursday’s 12-point girls basketball loss at Thunder Mountain.

“I just remember feeling a bunch of pain in my shoulder and the referee guiding me off the floor,” said Yu while sitting in the bleachers with her right arm tucked underneath her sweatshirt at Wednesday’s practice.

She has even watched the game again, trying to locate the reason for the third-quarter injury that knocked her out of Kodiak’s last two games in the Capital City. She will also miss the team’s Friday and Saturday games at Wasilla and will try to return for the Northern Lights Conference Championships that begin March 5 in Kenai.

“All you see is a bunch of chaos and me walking out from the back holding my shoulder,” said Yu in referencing the video.

Yu sat on the bench, while assistant coach Sandra Gregory accessed the injury.

“I wasn’t really quite sure what to do,” Gregory said. “She was all crunched over, so I instantly thought this must be a dislocated shoulder.”

Moments later, a doctor, whose daughter was playing for Thunder Mountain, looked at her shoulder and confirmed the injury.

Yu was then taken to the emergency room with her first dislocated shoulder.

“They popped it back in and it was good from there,” she said.

Well, almost good.

While her arm is in a mobilizing sling, she has had to learn how to write with her left hand. It has been a challenge.

“It started off pretty bad. It is still terrible, but it is a little better,” she said. “It resembles second-grade penmanship, but it is still legible.”

This is Yu’s first year on varsity. She played in every game prior to the injury and averaged 3.2 points from her forward position.

“It is really nothing different — same game, but you are at a different level,” said Yu about transitioning from junior varsity to varsity.

Derek Clarkston is a staff writer at the Kodiak Daily Mirror. Contact him at (907) 486-3227, ext. 625.

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