A star-studded team captured the 20th edition of the Bearfoot in the Park Quintathlon. 

Former Kodiak standouts Blake James, Levi Fried, Hayden Foster, Cody Foster and Levi Thomet powered to victory in 1 hour, 14 minutes Saturday at Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park. 

All five recorded the best times in their events as they walloped the runner-up squad by 16 minutes. 

Fried found victory circle for the fifth consecutive year, while this was James’ third straight time being on a winning team. This was Cody Foster’s first win since 2014 and Hayden Foster’s first since 2012. 

Rising Kodiak High School senior Keith Osowski grabbed the men’s solo title in 1:37:13, while Shanna Moeder was the top female soloist in 2:03.46. 

James, entering his sophomore swim season at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, gave his squad the lead with a sparkling 500-yard Lake Gertrude swim time of 7:03. 

Fried, a sophomore runner at Black Hills State University in South Dakota, covered the 9.1-mile bike ride from Fort Abercrombie to the Veterans of Foreign War building and back to the park in 32:45. 

Hayden Foster, a former running and wrestling athlete at KHS, conquered the biathlon —shooting and running —in 9:33. His brother, Cody Foster, hammered the 1.9-mile kayak trip in 11:32, while University of Oregon-bound Levi Thomet brought it home with a 13:07 time in the 5-kilometer run. 

Marcus Dunbar, Seth Burnett, Nate Finley, RJ Roy and Jack Hannah finished second in 1:30:13. 

The quintathlon was a fundraiser for the KHS cross country team. 



1. Blake James, Levi Fried, Hayden Foster, Cody Foster, Levi Thomet, 1:14:00; 2. Marcus Dunbar, Seth Burnett, Nate Finley, RJ Roy, Jack Hannah, 1:30:13; 3. John Glover, John Wyzkowski, Carley Glover, 1:37:07; 4. Derek Rocheleau, Arielle Himelbloom, Shalom Neff, Maddie Christiansen, Youji Seto, 1:45:46; 5. JoAnn Snoderly, Janel Day, Megan Smith, Stephanie Jenkins, Mandy Kistler, 1:48:04. 


1. Keith Osowski, 1:37:13; 2. Cory Thompson, 1:43:33. 


1. Shanna Moeder, 2:03:46.

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