Eighth-grader wants to spread inspiring message across the globe

Alyssa Burnside

Kodiak eighth-grader Alyssa Burnside is hoping that people will turn to the Internet on Tuesday to help her spread an inspiring message to every country across the globe.

“Stand up, stay true, stand out,” is the message Burnside, 13, and other students at her online intermediate school, Williamsburg Academy, are hoping to share in a Wave to the World project.

The point of the project is to see how many countries the message can reach in 24 hours on April 23.

The project is meant to teach students about teamwork, the power of social media, the impact youth can have on the community, the value of planning and the importance of small actions.

“We’re trying to achieve the entire world if possible,” Burnside said. “We’re just trying to see how much the world is communicating and connected.”

The project ties into yearlong class discussions about liberty in different countries and what social media or Web access people in those countries have.

Students will be stationed on the website for an entire 24 hours to monitor comments, look at the number of hits the Website receives, and look at the different locations.

“We sort of want them to look through the messages that each student has made so they’re able to see what kids across the country are doing and trying to tell us,” Burnside said.

Four online humanities classes at Williamsburg Academy are participating in the project on different teams. Burnside’s role was to help with the Wave to the World logo design. Other students were in charge of translation, video, world maps, countdowns, social media and the website.

“Their goal is for it to reach everywhere in the world within 24 hours,” said Alyssa’s mother Crystal Burnside. “They’ve got kids spread out across the U.S., but everybody is trying to do what they can to get the word out and asking others to spread the word.”

The website is already live, so people can visit it beforehand to see what it’s about.

To help Burnside with her project, visit Wave to the World at www.wavetotheworld.org on Tuesday, and pass along the website to friends and family members around the globe.

Contact Mirror writer Nicole Klauss at nklauss@kodiakdailymirror.com.

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