Kodiak pet owners looking for pet food or unique toys can now visit Kodiak Pet Supply.

Kodiak Pet Supply, part of the Kodiak Veterinary Clinic, had its grand opening on Saturday, and will now be open five days a week, Tuesdays through Saturdays.

The pet store has been in talks for five years.

“It’s been a long time coming,” manager Dave Berg said. “We sold so much at the clinic we realized we wanted to expand to provide better nutrition.”

The store is focused on providing healthy options, and sells around six different brands of food that meet the clinic’s nutritional criteria.

“We went through a laundry list of every brand you can find out there,” Berg said. “Some made the cut and some didn’t.”

In addition to food, the store also sells toys, dental supplies for pets, carriers and consignment items from locals.

“If there are local people who want to make collars and leashes we will sell them,” Berg said.

Jessica Bersin, a Kodiak dog owner, said the new store gives pet owners more options when looking for pet supplies.

“They have more of a variety of stuff,” Bersin said. “It’s nice to actually be able to come in and buy toys my dogs will use. I don’t have to buy online now.”

Currently the store sells products for dogs and cats, but expansion for small pet products could be in the future. “As we grow we’re looking to expand to fish, birds, exotic pets and pocket pets,” Berg said. “We’ll never sell live animals, but supplies to support them.”

One room is dedicated entirely to cat products, one to dog products and one to products from the Kodiak Animal Shelter.

Berg said working with vendors on cutting cost and doing bulk orders to get better shipping rates was essential to being able to open the store.

“If we couldn’t get good pricing we weren’t going to do it,” Berg said. “It didn’t make sense to open a store and charge 40 percent higher than the mainland.”

Several of the clinic’s vendors got on board during a visit to Kodiak.

“What really spurred this was a couple of vendors coming to town and seeing a dog in almost every car,” Berg said. “It took them actually seeing it.”

The store will be offering weekly promotions on their Facebook page, Kodiak Pet Supply.

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