Crossing safety

Main Elementary School principal Angela Chervenak guards a Powell Avenue crossing after the first day of classes in 2016. 

Early morning drivers saw Captain America at the intersection of Rezanof Drive and Benny Benson Avenue on Tuesday, as the comic book hero ensured the safety of children making their way to East Elementary for the first day of school.

But that corner and some others that get heavy foot traffic might not always have such protection unless more heroes step up.

Kodiak High School teacher Lindsey Glenn said the crosswalks on Rezanof and Mill Bay Road nearest the high school have the highest priority as students go to and from school, while other locations depend on available guards.

“You need two people per site,” she said. “There’s as many sites as we can get people to volunteer for.”

Glenn, who serves as adviser to the KHS student council, said the crossing guard system worked well for a few years after the council took over management in 2011. Older students who signed up to serve could earn credit toward school activity fees.

But then a change in class schedules made it more difficult for high school students to volunteer.

“Participation dropped off almost to nothing,” Glenn said.

Now community members can help. Volunteers undergo a brief training before donning the orange vest. In lieu of payment, time spent at the crosswalk earns money for student fees or club activities.

“You just say who you want to guard for and what you want it to go toward,” Glenn said. “The whole idea is to be able to keep kids safe.”

Interested people can call Glenn at KHS, 486-7400.

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