Oscar's Dock

Oscar’s Dock will soon be home to a public-use crane.

A public crane is expected to be installed in downtown Kodiak by the end of the year, according to city officials. 

Funding for a new public crane was approved in the city of Kodiak’s fiscal year 2018 budget, and design and engineering work is currently ongoing, according to city Harbormaster Lon White.

The crane will be placed at Oscar’s Dock. The city is using its in-house engineer to design upgrades to the dock that will be necessary to support the crane, White told Kodiak Fisheries Workgroup members Wednesday. 

The design and engineering process is expected to be completed in November.

A contractor is also drilling the holes needed in the dock to attach the crane and support structure, he said.

Once design is completed, the city will solicit bids for the crane and support structure, with a goal of having the crane installed and operational by the end of December.

According to White, small boat operators and independent fishermen have been asking for a public-use crane in Kodiak for years. 

“Kodiak’s one of the largest commercial fishing ports in the country, but yet we’ve had no public crane on our facilities,” he said. 

Anyone will be able to use the crane, although users will first have to complete an online class and orientation from harbor staff, demonstrate proficiency in using the crane and sign an agreement. 

The system will operate by keycard, which will be issued by harbor staff. The same keycards will be used for the new harbor showers.

The keycard will allow for billing of the users. Billing will be in 15-minute increments at a rate of $25 for each 15 minutes.  


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