If you’re building a rugged boat designed to tackle the most extreme environments, it makes sense to design one for a Kodiakan and show it off in Kodiak, one of the largest fishing ports in the United States.

A Seattle-based boat company president says that's exactly what he had in mind when he built his first demonstration boat.

Kodiak resident Doug Frick would be the first Kodiakan to own a 25-foot Xtaero boat, scheduled to arrive within two weeks, company officials said.

“It’s a big boat in a small package and it’s pretty darn seaworthy,” Frick told the Kodiak Daily Mirror on Sunday. “It was built very ruggedly and it has a solid structure.”

Frick and his wife, Lisa, come from a passionate fishing family with four children who also enjoy the outdoors. Frick said he would use the boat for his family’s recreational activities.

The boat company’s founder said Kodiak waters was the company’s primary target market.

“We chose Kodiak as our focus because of the unique weather and concentration of savvy boating knowledge,” said Travis Brandt, president of Xtaero Boats.

Brandt was a Kodiak resident from 1994 to 1998. He was a member of the local shooting range and president of the Kodiak Flying Club on the Coast Guard base.

Frick’s boat, designed by Jarek Kanios of North Vancouver, B.C., has a welded aluminum 22’ by 8’2” beam. It is undergoing sea trials around Seattle and was on display at the Northwest Marine Trade Associations Kirkland Uncorked Boat Show last week.

During the boat’s second weekend in Kodiak next month, the company plans to host a “dock day,” during which local residents would be invited for rides. There will be a “look-see” for anyone interested.

Frick’s boat includes several features that are usually only found in commercial boats, company officials said. It has a fully integrated “breast plate” and a 25-gallon below deck fish box. With a single Suzuki 250-horsepower outboard motor, it has an expected range of 300 nautical miles at 27-30 knots when loaded with gear. Later models with have hulls with three large below-deck fish boxes, company officials said.

Frick declined to divulge his boat’s acquisition cost, but referred interested parties to visit the company’s website. Inquiries should be sent to sales@xtaeroboats.com, he said.

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