Courtesy of  Kodiak Harbormaster’s office

A boat in the downtown harbor sinks below the weight of heavy snow on Sunday.

Dubbed the 2020 snowpocalypse or snowmageddon by locals, Kodiak saw the fifth coldest January in more than a century. 

The average temperature last month as 21.9 degrees, 8.6 degrees below normal, according to data from the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy. 

In addition, the record snowfall of 24 inches on Jan. 28 beat the average snowfall for the entire month of January of 15.2 inches. The lowest January snowfall recorded in the past 30 years was 0.1 inches in 2016 compared to the highest snowfall of 53.4 inches in 2012. 

While the city’s public works department is diligently clearing streets of snow and removing snow berms, the Harbormaster’s Office has been working to remove snow from the floats, docks and piers, and making sure boats are secured. 

On Sunday afternoon, harbor patrol officers noticed a 16-foot skiff sinking under the weight of the heavy snow, caused by Kodiak’s record snowfall and subsequent rain showers. The officers notified the owner who later salvaged the boat.

To avoid such issues, Deputy Harbormaster Monte Anderson urged residents or their boat caretakers to check on their boats. He said that because patrol officers cannot be everywhere at once, boat owners should check on their vessels daily. 

When owners are out of town they must “make sure they have a local caretaker, because they need to monitor the vessel status,” he said, adding that boat owners should make sure their lines are secure and in good condition, and if necessary they should add more lines. 

If a boat’s lines are not tight they can break free in high winds, he said. 

Last month’s subzero temperatures are predicted to come to an end this month. The National Weather Service forecasts a high temperature of 40 degrees during the day, decreasing to the low 30s at night for the majority of the season, with chances of rain and some snow. 

According to the National Weather Service, Wednesday will be partly cloudy in the evening with lows in the mid 20s, while Thursday will have highs around 40 degrees with snow in the morning and rain likely in the afternoon. Thursday night will see numerous rain showers and a slight chance of snow after midnight, with lows around the mid-30s. 

Friday will be partly sunny and have highs around 40 degrees, with rain and snow likely at night. The weekend will be mostly cloudy with a chance of rain and snow and temperatures as low as 30 degrees and as high as 40 degrees.

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