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Boats parked on Thursday at a lot on Alimaq Drive on Near Island, where multiple vessels were reported ransacked late last month.

Police are looking for suspects after receiving reports last week of burglary attempts on several boats at St. Paul Harbor and Near Island.

One break-in was reported on Dec. 27 at St. Paul Harbor, with boots and tools missing from the targeted vessel. Another report was made on Dec. 30 that multiple boats stored at a lot on Alimaq Drive on Near Island had been ransacked, but nothing was reported stolen. 

Lt. Francis de la Fuente, spokesperson for the Kodiak Police Department, said police are still looking for information on the break-ins. 

De la Fuente said the boats that were targeted were not secured. He added that multiple break-ins like those currently under investigation have not occurred as frequently as they did before security cameras were installed at the harbor in 2016. 

However, the footage can often be blurred when heavy rains and strong winds cause water droplets to fall on the cameras. 

Boat break-ins at the harbor are infrequent because “everybody in the harbor knows one another,” he said. 

De la Fuente said that anyone who spends a week walking the docks at night “will know which boats have nobody in there.”

Harbor officers patrol the docks, but must cover a large area, including Gibson Cove, the ferry dock, St. Paul Harbor and St. Herman Harbor. 

“We are trying to increase our presence in the harbor,” said Harbormaster Michael Sarnowski. “Our goal is always safety and security of our vessels, and the people who are on them.”

Sarnowski recommended that boat owners lock up their boats and have surveillance on board, such as a livestreaming camera or even a hidden trail camera to see activity on the boat. 

“We have been trying to increase our patrols,” Sarnowski said. “We only have so many hours in a day ... as we limit our harbor officers from being down on the docks and trying to increase more time in other places.”

Police are looking for more information on the break-ins and urge anyone who believes they are a victim of theft to report the incident immediately. 

A truck was also reportedly stolen from a parking lot bordering St. Paul Harbor on Shelikof Street last week. The truck was later recovered and a suspect is being charged. Police said they are in the process of forwarding the charges to the district attorney’s office. 

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Small Town Police Mentality:

Loved the article about the break ins on the boats but you have to thank the police for dropping hints to the perpetrators. We all know burglars aren't always the smarted folks around but I learned as I'm sure the perps did too, if you want to break into the boats your odds are best if you 1) Walk the docks for a week or so and know which boats have people staying on them. 2) Break into the boats on a wet windy crappy day and the odds of the security cameras recording are high that they won't be able to get clear photos of you.

Thanks Kodiak Police for sharing these tips! You're the best!!

Next weeks article they will share the secrets of how to not leave any DNA behind.

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