Counterfeit money printed with Asian characters on the back of the bill was used to buy items at Safeway on July 20, according to court documents.  

This is not an isolated incident —  the Asian characters as well as the serial number on the bill are associated with other counterfeit bills that have been circulated in Kodiak recently, according to the documents. 

Safeway Manager JR Pellosis called the Kodiak Police Department to report the use of a counterfeit bill on July 20.  

When the responding officers arrived at Safeway, Pellosis showed them video footage of an individual, later identified as 43-year-old Fredricka Torgramsen,  paying for $48.47 worth of items with a fake $100 bill and receiving $51.53 in change from the transaction, according to court documents. 

The bill had been folded lengthwise allegedly in an attempt to conceal signs that it was counterfeit; the cashier did not check the validity of the bill with a counterfeit pen. 

The police recovered the bill, noting the serial number LB45440078 matched other counterfeit bills used in Kodiak. 

The police were unsuccessful in contacting Torgramsen with her listed number and referred the case to the district attorney for prosecution. 

Torgramsen is charged on one count of forgery in the first degree, a class B Felony; and for theft in the fourth degree, a Class B Misdemeanor.

The defendant has had several convictions in Alaska dating from 1998, including hindering prosecution, assault and driving recklessly and with a license that has been cancelled, suspended, or revoked, among others. 









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