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EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the final installment of our list of Kodiak fishing vessels that have disappeared during the past two centuries. Many of the non-Kodiak ships that capsized near Kodiak Island had deckhands who were island residents.

SEA QUAIL (1999) The 74 foot fishing vessel Sea Quail struck Ikognak Rock and sank Feb. 18, 1999 in Whale Passage near Kodiak. A crewman sleeping at the wheel was the cause of the disaster. All four crewmembers abandoned ship to a life raft and were rescued by the fishing vessel Midnight Sun.

SEA RANGER (1893) 273 ton 106 foot wooden bark Sea Ranger stranded and was lost near Kayak Island at 9 a.m. May 26, 1893. The vessel departed San Francisco March 23, 1893 bound for Kodiak, Bristol Bay and the Arctic Ocean. She had a crew of 40 on board and 30 tons of whale oil and bone when the disaster occurred. The following are excerpts from the wreck report filed by Charles H Foley, master of the Sea Ranger:

“3 miles W of Kayak Island, Alaska” “Stranded on ledge not on chart” “Attempting to get close to land to bury one of the crew” “Moderate breeze, slight swell, morning” “Impossible to do anything after striking” “We were totally unprepared for accident of any kind. On chart showed 20 fathoms of water within one mile of beach and no rocks or ledges in that vicinity”

The Sea Ranger had a value of $25,000 and her cargo between $10,000 and $15,000. Both the vessel and her cargo were total losses. James McKee was the crewman that the crew was attempting to bury.

Comment: Sea Ranger Reef is now on the Chart NNW of Cape St Elias off Kayak Island.

— Capt. Warren Good

SEAFARER (1973) The shrimper Seafarer flooded from the stern and sank November 18, 1973 on the west side of Kodiak Island two miles north of Uganik Bay. All four crewmembers were rescued by a U.S. Coast Guard Helicopter.

SELIEF (1964) The 163 ton 82 foot wooden oil screw fishing vessel Selief was reported lost in the Good Friday earthquake of March 27, 1964 at Kodiak.

SELIEF (1992) The 86 foot fishing vessel Selief was reported to have grounded and become a total loss July 26, 1992 on Shag Rock in Whale Pass near Kodiak.

SEVENTY-SIX (1895) The 38 ton 60 foot schooner Seventy Six departed Wooded (Woody) Island Dec. 11, 1895 with seven crewmen aboard bound for Kayak Island on a trading voyage. The vessel disappeared with all hands.

SHARON D (1984) The fishing vessel Sharon D took a wave over the stern, flooded and sank April 28, 1984 approximately 50 miles south of Kodiak. The vessel and her crew of 3 were traveling from Dillingham to Kodiak. The 3 crewmembers were plucked from the wheelhouse roof by a U.S. Coast Guard Helicopter.

SNOQUALMIE (1974) The 98 foot wooden former Seattle fire boat Snoqualmie was destroyed by fire in late February 1974 at Kodiak. The vessel was Seattle’s first fireboat, built there in 1890 as a response to the great Seattle fire of 1889. Snoqualmie was launched on Aug. 1, 1890. She was retired from the Seattle Fire Department in 1932 and worked after that in many capacities. The Snoqualmie was used as a shrimp hauler for Northern Processors. She was at the fuel dock in Kodiak when fire broke out. The U S Coast Guard towed the vessel a safe distance from the dock where she burned for 36 hours and was lost.

SPENCER (1947) The 61-ton, 64-foot wooden oil screw Spencer foundered Dec. 31, 1947 at Cape Kanatak. The vessel had 10 persons aboard. Captain Axel Carlson was bringing his bride-to-be,

Ava Skonberg, and her family from Chignik to Kodiak for their wedding. All ten were rescued after four days on the icy cape. Most were suffering from frozen limbs, frostbite and hypothermia. When asked about the wedding, Captain Carlson replied, “We planned to get married this week, but now we’ll just have to wait until my frozen feet thaw out.”

STAR OF RUSSIA (1905) The 1,981 ton 275 foot iron ship Star of Russia stranded in the fog on a sand beach on the northwestern end of Chirikof Island in August of 1905. There were 280 passengers and 19 crewmen aboard. The Star of Russia also had a cargo of 28,514 cases of canned salmon on board. The vessel was floated after eight days and towed to Alitak Cannery. There the passengers and cargo were removed, and the vessel sent on to San Francisco for repairs on August 26, 1905. Damage to the vessel was $20,000 and her cargo $36,000. Evidence of the wreck may still be on site and of interest.

STAR TREK (2007) The 35 foot cod fishing vessel Star Trek stranded and was lost March 7, 2007 in Island Bay off of Jute Bay on the Alaska Peninsula opposite Kodiak Island. The crew managed to make it to the beach where they were rescued by a U S Coast Guard Helicopter. The vessel and her crew were out of Homer.

STARLING (1964) The 20 ton 38 foot wooden oil screw fishing vessel Starling was consumed by fire Jan.25, 1964 at Alitak.

SUE (1981) The 32 foot fishing vessel Sue struck a log and sank December 29, 1981 in Izhut Bay on Afognak Island. The two persons aboard were rescued by the fishing vessel Amber Dawn.

SUMMER GALE (1995) The 44 foot fiberglass salmon seiner Summer Gale stranded and was lost Aug. 10, 1995 on Twoheaded Island near Kodiak. The five persons on board made it to safety.

SUMMIT (1962) The 9 ton 28 foot wooden gas screw fishing vessel Summit foundered Aug. 4, 1962 at Alitak Bay.

SUN BEAM (1966) The 194 ton 89 foot wooden oil screw crab fishing vessel Sun Beam was destroyed by a storm February 25, 1966 in the Gulf of Alaska on her way to the town of Kodiak. The vessel departed Seattle February 19th and was carrying a load of lumber. A message was received from the vessel Endeavor on February 26th that the Sun Beam was experiencing difficulties. No trace of the vessel was found. Lost with the Sun Beam were Gordon I Nelson (51) owner and skipper of Seattle and Kodiak, Harlan Zehrung (52) engineer of Edmonds, John Moberg (39) cook of Seattle, George S Anderson mate of Kodiak, Mrs. Laurell D Hendrix (44) passenger of Seattle and Sonny Orcas deckhand of Seattle.

SUNDANCER (1991) The 58 foot long line fishing vessel Sundancer took a rogue wave, rolled over and sank September 8, 1991 in the Gulf of Alaska 185 miles east of Kodiak. All five crewmembers were rescued.

SUNDOWNER (1985) The 68 foot fishing vessel Sundowner sank in rough weather October 28, 1985 near the Semidi Islands southwest of Kodiak Island. Three crewmembers were rescued from a life raft by the U S Coast Guard. The fourth crewmember, skipper Stuart Klinefelter of Kodiak was lost.

TAGUKAK (1985) The 43 foot vessel Tagukak burned February 26, 1985 off of Spruce Cape. The vessel’s operator was rescued by the Kodiak Harbormaster shuttle ferry crew.

THERESE (1897) The 74-ton, 78-foot wooden schooner Therese was lost in Cold Bay (Puale Bay) at 1 p.m. on April 17, 1897. The vessel departed San Francisco March 20, 1897 and Kodiak on April 12, 1897, expecting to return to Kodiak. There were 7 passengers and 6 crewmen aboard. The following are excerpts from the wreck report filed by JP Ryan, master of the Therese:

“Cold Bay, mainland, Lat 57 43 N, Long 155 28 W, Shelikof Strait” “Strong SE gale, heavy sea”

“Stranded” “Sails blew away” “Vessel dragging ashore, slipped cables and put to sea. Sails all lost”

“Total loss”

The passengers and crew all made it to safety, but the Therese was a total loss. She had aboard about 10 tons of general merchandise. The vessel was valued at $3,000. The value of the cargo and amount of insurance was not known.

TIDERIP (1953) The 15 ton 39 foot wooden oil screw fishing vessel Tiderip foundered Oct. 13, 1953 near Kodiak.

TIGER LIL (1976) The 38 foot sailboat Tiger Lil disappeared on a trip from Seward to Seattle Sept. 22, 1976. Three persons were lost in the disaster including owner Donald Lowcock (65), his wife Catherine (61) of Anchorage and Bert Stroud (68) of Seattle. Wreckage of the vessel was found on Montague Island and the body of Stroud washed ashore on Kayak Island.

TILLAMOOK (1900) The 265 ton 126 foot wooden steam screw schooner Tillamook stranded and was lost near Kodiak at 5:00 p.m. Thursday November 29, 1900. The vessel departed Unalaska Nov. 5, 1900 bound for Seattle, Washington and way ports with 9 passengers and 19 officers and crewmen aboard. She had no cargo. The following are excerpts from the wreck report:

“North end of Wood Island Reef, Alaska” “Stranding” “Miscalculation of location of reef”

“Moderate NW wind, sea smooth, starlight” “Two pilots, Captain and Second Officer were on watch at the time of striking reef”

The Tillamook had a value of $30,000 and was a total loss. All passengers and crewmen made it to safety. H W McCurdy reports this vessel was on a mail run.

TINA RAE (1982) The 30-foot vessel Tina Rae sank August 16, 1982 off of Spruce Cape near Kodiak.

TOM AND AL (1980) The 84 foot wooden oil screw Tom and Al foundered February 2, 1980 approximately 14 miles off of the Barren Islands and 8 miles off of Shuyak Island. She was hauling shrimp from Kodiak to Homer with two crewmen aboard. There was no loss of life. The Tom and Al was 80 years old and had survived a long and colorful career in the fisheries of the north Pacific.

TONQUIN (1991) The 86 foot long line fishing vessel Tonquin capsized and was lost Oct. 13, 1991 off of Twoheaded Island near Kodiak. Lost was skipper Larry Tousignant of Kodiak. Four other crewmembers were rescued.

U F 22 (1977) Remains of the 34 foot oil screw fishing vessel UF 22 were found by the fishing vessel Columbia on Aiaktalik Beach near the south end of Kodiak Island March 2, 1978. The vessel and her two-person crew went missing Oct. 22, 1977. The U F 22 was owned by Charles and R L Taylor.

UNDAUNTED (1894) The 68 ton 61 foot wooden schooner Undaunted stranded and was lost off Kayak Island at 1:30 a.m. Wednesday March 7, 1894. The Undaunted departed Kodiak February 22, 1894 on a seal hunting trip with 15 persons aboard. The vessel became entrapped in the ice off Kayak Island and crushed to bits. The crew was forced to abandon the Undaunted and seek shelter on an ice floe where they survived for 28 days. They managed to escape the ice on a small boat patched together from the wreckage of the Undaunted. They made their way to Port Etches in Prince William Soundwhere they were taken aboard the steamer Kodiak on April 4, 1894 and transported to Kodiak Village.

URANIA (1876) The 80 ton schooner Urania departed Kodiak December 29, 1875 bound for San Francisco and was never seen again. 13 persons and a load of furs were lost along with the vessel. On board were Captain Thomas K Lee, his Wife and 2 year old son, passengers Luke Sheerar, R L Williams, C Haretonoff, D Shirpser, Emil Shirpser and a crew of six.

UYAK (1909) The 22 ton 55 foot wooden steam screw Uyak stranded and was lost on Kodiak Island the morning of Sept.3, 1909. The vessel had departed Uyak Bay bound for Karluk with 2 persons aboard when the disaster occurred. The following are excerpts from the wreck report:

“Walcott Rock, Kodiak Island, Alaska” “Stranding” “Misjudgment in distance offshore. Extreme low tide, and tide carried her too close to shore” “Early morning, S S Shelikof and lighters tried to assist her in getting off, but they were unsuccessful” “Complete wreck”

The Uyak had a value of $10,000 and was a complete loss with no insurance.

She was not carrying cargo. There was no loss of life.

UYAK (1981) The 60 foot fishing vessel Uyak sank February 24, 1981 off of Humpback Rock in Chiniak Bay near Kodiak.

UYAK II (1987) The 112 foot trawler Uyak II foundered Nov. 5, 1987 off of the south end of Kodiak Island. Four of her six crewmembers were lost including Gregory D Klinkenburg (29) of Kodiak, Rogerio N Jamie (32) of Anchor Point, Donald Brank (44) of Tacoma WA and Hee K “Charlie” Im (37) of Gardena, California.

V O (1967) The 126 foot crab fishing vessel V O disappeared January 9, 1967 while on a trip from Seattle to King Cove. Five crewmembers were lost including skipper and co-owner Fred Hill, co-owner John Klebaum, Jon Symonds (22) of Seattle and Bjorne Andrew Osborne (49) of Cordova. Two crewmembers bodies were found in a raft 26 miles east southeast of Marmot Island 50 miles northeast of Kodiak.

VENUS (1927) The vessel Venus was stripped of her wheelhouse and deck gear, including dories, in a storm off of Kodiak in February of 1927. The vessel made it to Kodiak with not much more than her hull and Bollinger engine.

VICTOR (2002) The 99 foot wooden fish tender Victor was consumed by flames July 23, 2002 in the Shelikof Strait 18 miles east of Cape Kuliuk. The vessel was on her way from Bristol Bay to Prince William Sound to tender salmon. An explosion in the engine room initiated the fire and injured the master of the vessel. All four crewmembers abandoned ship and were rescued by U S Coast Guard Helicopter and taken to Kodiak.

VIKING (1923) The 27 ton 47 foot wooden gas screw Viking washed up on Sitkinak Island and was lost at 10:00 a.m. December 6, 1923. The vessel departed Port Wrangell December 2, 1923 bound for Kodiak with a cargo of 10 tons of empty coal oil drums. The following are excerpts from the casualty report filed by Andrew Grosvold, owner of the Viking:

“Vessel left Sand Point on Nov. 2nd with a hunting party on board. On Dec. 2nd being in need of fuel and provisions, dropped into Kanatak, while crew and hunters were ashore getting same, gale suddenly sprung up, making it impossible to return to ship and at about 6:00 a.m. morning of the 3rd, anchor chain parted about 10 ft. from the hawse pipe, allowing the vessel to drift out of the harbor”

“Vessel anchored in 3 fathoms of water with 250 lb. anchor and 45 fathoms of ¾ inch chain” “Blew out of Kanatak, Alaska, morning of Dec. 3rd, 1923 while master and crew were ashore, leaving only the cook on board.” “N.W. gale suddenly sprung up, making it impossible for master and crew to get on board”

“Sitkinak Island off the South end of Kodiak Island”

“Total loss”

The Viking had a value of $6,500 and her cargo $375 which were both lost. Neither the vesselvnor her cargo was insured. There was no loss of life.

WALTER A EARLE (1895) The 71 ton Canadian sealing schooner Walter A Earle was lost with all hands off of Cape Saint Elias during the Great Easter Gale of 1895 that occurred on April 14. The vessel was out of Victoria, British Columbia and hunting seals off of Icy Bay. The Earle attempted to weather the storm along with the schooners Favorite and Libby, but lost her rudder and capsized. 32 men perished in the disaster, including captain Louis Magnuson, mate Henry Buhrm, seamen William Douglas, W.H. Wyman, and Adolf Shute, cook B. Berner, and 26 Native Americans, 12 of whom were Songhees from Victoria, five from Sooke, six from Beecher Bay, two from Metchosin and one from Cowichan. The rudderless overturned hull of the Walter A Earle drifted into Afognak Bay several weeks later. Many of the deceased crewmen were found within the hull and buried at Kodiak. The sealing schooner C G White was lost in the same storm along with 11 crewmen. The survivors of that disaster, off of the south end of Kodiak, were brought to Woody Island near Kodiak and cared for.

WESTERN (1961) The 25 ton 41 foot wooden gas screw fishing vessel Western foundered March 1, 1961 near Russian Harbor at the southern end of Kodiak Island.

WILDWOOD (1889) The 1,056.09 ton 199 foot wooden bark Wildwood stranded and was lost in the Nushagak River at 8 p.m. Friday August 9, 1889. The vessel departed San Francisco April 17, 1889 bound for Nushagak, Bristol Bay, Alaska with 21 crewmen aboard. She was departing the area with the summers catch from the cannery when the disaster occurred. The following are excerpts from the wreck report filed at San Francisco:

“2 miles south of Harkanock, Alaska” “Stranding” “Shoal water” “Calm, clear, daylight”

“Anchors dropped” “total loss”

WESTERN SEA (1985) The 58 foot seiner Western Sea was lost with all hands August 19, 1985 in Marmot Bay 25 miles northeast of Kodiak. Parts of the vessel were found east of Long Island including the vessels pilot house and a life preserver. The six crewmen lost were owner Jerald Bouchard (58) of Coupeville WA, Peter Barry (20) of New Hampshire, Chris McLain (24) of Idaho Falls ID, Steward Darling (25) of Bremerton WA, Chris Hofer (27) of Fort Collins CO and Bill Posey (24) of Anchorage.

WIZARD (1952) The 60-ton 65-foot wooden oil screw fishing vessel Wizard stranded and was lost July 22, 1952 on Fossil Beach between Narrow Cape and Pasagshak Beach in Uyak Bay, Kodiak Island.

The vessel was later pulled off of the beach using 55-gallon drums below deck to keep her afloat. While being towed back to Kodiak, the deck gave way and the vessel sunk near the outer buoy of Womans Bay.


December 7, 1975 The 89-foot shrimp fishing vessel Western went missing in the northern Gulf of Alaska in a storm after issuing a Mayday. She was on her way up from Seattle with her last Port of Call at Pelican bound for Kodiak. No sign of the Western or the three crewmembers was ever found. Lost were Clifford Huddleston, Carl Pedersen and Vernon Pound.

August 26, 1976 Eight young people were lost when the Deep Sea sank in Whale Pass on a trip from Mush Bay to Kodiak. The tragedy claimed the lives of John W Nichols, Earl McKee, Barney Eldridge, Valerie McRae, 23, Heather McRae, 20 months, Kathy McRae, 19, Mollie McRae, 19, and Cy McAvery Rodgers, 6.

November 7, 1976 An unnamed skiff capsized and two men drowned near Narrow Cape south of Kodiak.

On July 10, 1977 One crewmember was lost and four were rescued from a life raft when the 134-ton steel fishing vessel Pacific Surf foundered 65 miles south of Cordova in the Gulf of Alaska. The vessel was on her maiden voyage to Alaska and was traveling between Ketchikan and Kodiak. After abandoning ship, Ole Hansen of Edmonds, Washington died of a heart attack in the life raft. The 894 foot supertanker Overseas Chicago took eight miles to stop when they spotted the four remaining members of the Pacific Surf.

November 28, 1978 Wilton Wiley of Kodiak drowned after falling off a dock in Dutch Harbor while working aboard the Makushin.

February 26, 1980 Professional diver Dennis LeCours was lost while diving on the vessel Mariner at the Channel Transient Float in Kodiak.

August 20, 1981 The 96-foot floating processor Northern King of Kodiak capsized and sank 50 miles southwest of Port Moller in Bristol Bay. Five of the crew made it to safety, but James A Eiden, 55, of Everett, Washington, and Eric Willis of Anchorage were lost.

May 20, 1983 Two of three persons in a canoe were lost when their canoe capsized off of Woody Island near Kodiak. Lost were Lynn Gilliland and John Rolph. The two were engaged to be married.

September 4, 1983 The 38 foot Parks 15 capsized and sank in rough weather near Miners Point on the west side of Kodiak Island in the Shelikof Strait. Four of her crewmembers were picked up by USCG helicopter, but Archie Densmore of Kodiak was lost. A 3-year-old girl found floating face down was revived by the U.S. Coast Guard rescue crew.

December 26, 1984 Roger Arlo (Butch) DeGrote from the fishing vessel Scorpio drowned in the Kodiak Small Boat Harbor.

January 14, 1985 Jon Early of Kodiak was lost when the 34 foot K-Jo sank off Marmot Island. Two men from the K-Jo were rescued on January 16th.

August 20, 1985 Six people were lost when the 58 foot Western Sea sank somewhere northeast of Kodiak Island. Parts of the vessel were found east of Long Island. Lost were captain Jerald Bouchard of Coupeville, Washington, Peter Barry of New Hampshire, Chris McLain of Idaho Falls, Idaho, Steward Darling of Bremerton, Washington, Chris Hofer of Ft. Collins, Colorado, and Bill Posey of Anchorage.

November 5, 1987 The 112 foot trawler Uyak II sank off of the south end of Kodiak Island with six people on board. Four of the six were lost. Brian VanVelkeningburg, 29, of Kodiak and Bradley Talbot, 28, of Des Moines, WA were saved. Lost were Gregory D Klinkenburg, 29, of Kodiak, Rogerio Jamie, 32, of Anchor Point, Donald Brank, 44, of Tacoma and Hee K (Charlie) Im ,37, of Gardena, California.

January 18, 1988 The 86 foot crab fishing vessel Wayward Wind sank 9 miles south of Tugidak Island, off the south end of Kodiak Island. Lost were owner and operator William “Red” Nietupski, 45, of Port Williams, James C Baglien, 47, of Kodiak, Dave Descloux, 46, and Michael Descloux, 39, of Kodiak. Debra Nielsen and Jay Rasmussen were rescued by a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter after nine hours in the water.

March 15, 1988 The 56-foot fishing vessel George W was lost outside of Uyak Bay with her crew of three; owner James Michael Miller, 37, David Meersand, 32, and Theodore O’Leary, 27, all from Kodiak.

June 26, 1988 It was though that two men were lost from an unnamed dory that was found holed and overturned on the southwest shore of Noisy Island near Uganik on the west side of Kodiak Island.

January 29, 1989 The 98 foot steel crab fishing vessel Vestfjord sent out a mayday heavily iced about 30 miles south of the Trinity Islands southwest of Kodiak Island. She was never heard from again. Lost were skipper Dick LaGary, 40, of Port Angeles, Kevin Melnick, 28, Ricky Kristovich, 37, Doug Harding, 35, of Seattle, Bill Hodgins, 33, of Anchorage and passenger Danny McDonald.

March 3, 1989 The 108 foot steel long line halibut fishing vessel Ocean Hope II was last heard from on the night of March 2 on her way to shelter in Portage Bay. Lost were skipper Jack White, 33, of Kodiak, Dennis Frye, 26, of Kodiak, Dan Tuller, 26, of Kodiak, and Michael “Mickey” Wheeler, 27, of Anacortes.

October 13, 1989 The 35 foot fiberglass longline halibut fishing vessel Sea Raider rolled in heavy seas with four persons on board off of Ugak Usland. A U S Coast Guard C-130 spotted the three crewmembers and a six year old child clinging to the overturned hull. The child and two crewmembers were saved. Crewman David Lee Tanner, 18, of Kodiak was lost.

October 16, 1990 One crewmember was lost overboard from the 166 foot steel crab fishing vessel Diomedes in the Gulf of Alaska southwest of Kodiak Island.

October 21, 1990 A crewmember fell overboard and drowned from the 250 foot fish processor Northern Alaskan at Old Harbor, Kodiak Island.

November 21, 1990 John Heck (29) of Kodiak was lost from the 100 foot Surland in the Bering Sea near Bristol Bay. Heck was pulled overboard when he became tangled with a crab line.

June 26, 1991 Skipper Patrick Flanery (36) of Sitka and James Weber (36) of Kodiak were lost when the Betty B struck a rock and capsized near Atka.

October 12, 1991 The 86 foot longline halibut fishing vessel Tonquin overturned near Two Headed Island near the south end of Kodiak Island. Lost was skipper Larry Tousignant of Kodiak. Four other crew members were rescued.

June 9, 1992 Two halibut fishermen were lost when their unnamed 16 foot skiff sank 100 miles southwest of Kodiak.

January 15, 1993 The 86 foot crab fishing vessel Massacre Bay sank after she grounded and capsized in Alitak Bay. Lost were skipper Jock Bevis (42), Tom Salisbury (48) and Bill Corbin (45), all of Kodiak. Matt Corriere (23) survived.

December 28, 1994 William Darter (20) of Oak Harbor, Whidbey Island was lost overboard from the vessel Pacific Scout 300 miles south of Kodiak.

October 1, 1996 A diver who was experiencing regulator problems decided to dive anyway and was lost from the 55 foot sea cucumber and urchin dive boat Aquila in Uyak Bay on Kodiak Island.

November 25, 1996 Jason Jay Cole, 26, of Kodiak died while diving to untangle line from the prop of the 80 foot vessel Stormbird at Old Harbor.

April 25, 1998 The 50 foot fiberglass herring fishing vessel Evanick rolled over in the Shelikof Straits when a skiff on deck shifted. All four crewmembers were lost including skipper Carl VanValkenberg, Robert Ritchie, Harry Modesette and Shawn R Gibson, all from Kodiak.

June 17, 1999 Two crewmembers were hit and one died when a boom fell aboard the 41 foot salmon fishing vessel Orion in Kitoi Bay, 24 miles north of Kodiak.

April 7, 2001 Joshua Ferguson was lost after falling overboard from the 46 foot steel longline cod fishing vessel Heidi Kay between Monashka Bay and Kodiak.

April 12, 2004 Paul Jensen, 53, died aboard the Caravelle when a line snapped and hit him in the back near Cape Barnabas on the East side of Kodiak Island.

March 1, 2006 Anury Reutov from the Concord was lost after falling off the C-Float in Saint Paul Harbor, Kodiak.

December 6, 2007 Robin (Cowboy) Webster was lost from the Provider while docked at Majdic Dock on Marine Way in Kodiak.

February 9, 2008 George Reutov was lost when the Velocity overturned near Millbay Beach of Kodiak. Chuprov Berestov barely survived.

November 7, 2008 Skipper Steve Bundy died aboard the Wild Thing while docked at Kodiak.

April 14, 2009 Jonathan Wallace died aboard the Evelyn O at the Kodiak Transient Dock. The Evelyn O sank on April 21st on the way to his burial at sea.

SOURCE: “Alaska Shipwrecks” by Capt. Warren Good.

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