A Kodiak man is facing multiple charges in connection with a stolen bicycle from a house on Spruce Road, according to court documents.  

Andrew Rice, 22, is charged with felony burglary and misdemeanor theft.

On July 14, a Kodiak woman reported to Alaska State Troopers that Rice had stolen her son’s green and black BMX bike from her house.

She told the trooper that the bicycle had been purchased from 58 Degrees North for $422.64.

According to the documents, the woman had given Rice a ride two days before the theft. During the ride she stopped at her home. Rice went into the house to use the restroom, entering through the downstairs recreation room where the bike was stored.

They subsequently left the house and she drove Rice to where he needed to go. That same day, the woman left on a fishing boat for a two-day trip.

The woman discovered that her son’s bike was missing when she returned from her trip. She said she believed Rice stole the bike because he had probably seen it when he entered her house through the recreation room, according to the documents. .

She said she had never seen or heard of Rice before the day she gave him a ride, and she had not given Rice permission to be in the house or take the bike.

 The woman said she wanted to press charges against Rice if he was the one who stole the bike. She said she tried to call Rice and contact him on Facebook, but he blocked her.

The trooper verified the purchase of the bike with 58 Degrees North.

 On the evening of July 19, the trooper received a tip about Rice’s location. The trooper found Rice at that location and told Rice he wanted to speak with him about stealing the bike. Rice agreed to speak with him and admitted to taking the bike, according to the documents.

According to the documents, Rice said he took the green and black bike from the woman’s house the day she left for her fishing trip and sold it for $100. He also told troopers he was a heroin addict and bought approximately a quarter of a gram of heroin with that money, and then used the heroin.

Rice said it was a bad decision to take the bike and he didn’t know the bike belonged to her son[.

At the time the article was written, no information was available on future court dates.

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