An unusually cool summer isn’t why Kodiak’s new Fish and Game headquarters is behind schedule. Instead, the delay is due to a problem builders encountered more than 14 months ago, when construction started.

“They had a little issue with some of the subsurface work early on,” said John White, an Alaska Department of Fish and Game employee who oversees construction projects.

Back in 2011, foundation work uncovered an unexpected outcropping of shale that required a new plan and additional work. In spring, PCL — the lead contractor on the project — said it hoped to make up the lost time during the summer. Poor weather prevented that.

Now, the latest estimate has Fish and Game moving from its Mission Road office to the new building on Near Island by late January or early February. “They lost a couple of weeks,” White said. “It’s not far out of line.”

Scott Ivany, head of PCL operations in Alaska, was out of the office and was unable to return a call for comment, but Ben Roll, the Kodiak project manager, said exterior work is almost complete.

The next week or two will see contractors complete landscaping, siding and site work. Inside the building, sheetrock and paint will go up.

For drivers passing by on their way to Trident Basin, the view will not change much, Roll said.

Despite the slow going, White said Fish and Game is looking to moving from its old green building downtown. “Our folks have been out a number of times,” he said. “I think they’re starting to get excited.”

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