KODIAK — With the first phase of the landfill lateral expansion contract approved in early July, the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly will vote on a resolution to sell revenue bonds of $3.65 million for the initial engineering and architectural work at its regular meeting today.

Because the landfill belongs to a self-sustaining borough fund, selling the bonds likely will trigger fee increases when debt service payments come due.

The revenue bond payments are expected to be $324,000 per year.

How that fee increase would affect commercial or residential customers of the landfill has not been decided.

Borough staff estimated the landfill will need to raise its revenue — one way or another — by 13 percent to make payments on the 15-year bond.

The second phase of the landfill expansion project probably will be funded wholly through revenue bonds and is estimated to cost an additional $10 million.

The Kodiak Island Borough Assembly also will have a public hearing on an ordinance amending who can serve on borough committees.

In order to eliminate any perception of conflict of interest, certain borough employees will not be considered for membership on certain borough boards or commissions.

Under the ordinance change, borough employees from the Community Development Department will not be able to serve on the Planning and Zoning Commission, employees from the Engineering and Facilities Department will not be able to serve on the Solid Waste Advisory Board, and employees from the Assessing and Finance Departments could not serve on the Board of Equalization.

The code change comes in response to some complaints of a borough employee on the board of equalization. The ordinance was introduced by assembly member Louise Stutes.

The ordinance would, however, allow borough employees to run for and be elected to serve on borough service area boards. Many service area boards have vacancies throughout the year. A recent list showed two vacant seats on the Monashka service area board and one vacant seat on the Service Area No.1 board.

In addition to a housekeeping measure to dispose of old borough records, the assembly will also hear an appeal from a planning and zoning case.

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