Kodiak may be known as a small place to the outside world, yet big things are known to come out of even the most remote locations.

Kodiak resident and volunteer Fire Captain for the Bayside Fire Station, Jim Pickett, can attest to that notion.

Pickett will be traveling to Alexander, Va. to receive the Fire Prevention Award from the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) on May 2.

Pickett received news of the award while he was on his way back to Kodiak from vacation. Pickett said he was visiting his parents in Yakima, Wash. on Jan. 27 when he received the call from a member of the NVFC to inform him of his win. The call was beyond surprising, considering he did not personally reach out for the award.

Much to his dismay, he had no prior knowledge of being nominated for this award since his wife, Kiela Pickett, and colleague, Anchorage firefighter Jason Dolth, submitted his nomination package “behind his back,” Pickett said with a laugh.

But as soon as he got the news, Pickett said he realized how significant it truly was.

“That was a big award,” Pickett said. “It’s quite an achievement. I was thinking about how awesome it would be to receive it.”

Pickett is no stranger to receiving honors, he also received the Firefighter of the Year Award in 2011 for Fire Protection Area No. 1. Pickett also currently serves as the vice-chairman for the Fire Protection Area No. 1 Board.

Pickett was chosen for the award out of thousands of nominees across the country. As a man fully dedicated to his community, he said the award is an honor but he prefers to measure his worth in terms of deeds and volunteerism.

His community involvement, outside of the fire station, ranges from car seat checks, bicycle rodeos, the “Relay for Life” program and the Crab Festival parade. In short, Pickett says there is simply nothing he isn’t willing to do for his community.

“I just want to be involved with anything and everything that comes along,” he said.

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