Main Elementary kids celebrate new slide

Students participate in the dedication ceremony at Main Elementary, on Sept. 5, for the new $9,000 slide that was provided with donations. The old slide was destroyed by vandalism. (Nicole Klauss photo)

The kids at Main Elementary had a reason to be out in the rain Wednesday afternoon as they took part in the dedication ceremony for the school’s new $9,000 slide.

Main’s old slide was vandalized two years ago and wasn’t replaced immediately because there was talk of closing the school due to district budget cuts.

The school’s PTO felt it was important to install another slide because exercise helps kids function well in the classroom. The Kiwanis Club took the lead in helping raise the money for the new slide.

“Exercise is an important part of brain development,” Main Elementary PTO president Andrew DeVries said. “This is a landmark that the community cares about.”

Kids use the slide 20 to 30 times per recess, he said.

The school also received a new geodome, a structure for kids to climb on, through school fundraising efforts and Safeway’s eScript fundraising program.

The kids yelled thank you to all who helped with the donation including: the Kiwanis Club, Safeway eScript, Robin Killeen, Brandy Swearingen, Barb Snodgrass, former principal Nancy Moon, current principal Angie Chervenak, Rick Kniaziowski and Horizon Lines, and Jordan and Kevin Foster.

Horizon Lines and the Kiwanis Club received plaques for their donations.

They ceremony ended with the fifth-graders trying out the new slide.

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