The Kodiak Island Borough School District has fewer students than it did last year.

This year, enrollment dropped by 45 students. Final numbers don’t typically come out until the middle of November because the district was dealing with boundary exemption requests for the elementary schools and other movement.

The 2013-2014 enrollment is 2,506 students, down from 2,551 students in 2012-2013.

This year Kodiak High School has 761 students; Kodiak Middle School, 492; East Elementary, 292; North Star Elementary, 224; Main Elementary, 232; and Peterson Elementary, 229.There are 103 students enrolled in the district’s correspondence studies programs and 40 students in pre-kindergarten.

Rural schools’ totals: Akhiok, 22 students; Chiniak, 12; Karluk, 11; Larsen Bay, 14; Old Harbor, 31; Ouzinkie, 33; and Port Lions, 20.

The 2012 figures: Kodiak High School, 754 students; Kodiak Middle School, 492; East Elementary, 294; Main Elementary, 237; Peterson Elementary, 221; and North Star Elementary, 234. There were 44 students in pre-kindergarten and 114 correspondence students.

Enrollment numbers are important because they are used when building the district’s budget. Student enrollment determines how much money the district receives from the state. Now that the numbers are known, the school board can make any necessary budgetary changes during the budget revision later in the year.

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