A warrant issue has been requested for a Kodiak man who allegedly tampered with electronic monitoring and escaped from law enforcement. 

Shaun Gould, 40, is charged with two counts of felony escape and two violations of conditions of release, a misdemeanor. 

While a police officer was on a routine patrol on Mill Bay Road, he spotted Gould in a white Ford sport utility vehicle in the Walmart parking lot. 

The officer had previously been made aware that Gould’s driver’s license was suspended. 

In addition, a routine check of the  Alaska Public Safety Information Network revealed the defendant is on conditions of release in three Kodiak court cases and that he has six felony convictions in Alaska.  

The check also revealed that Gould was convicted of escape or attempt to escape from custody, and fail to stop at direction of a peace officer. 

When Gould stepped out of the truck, the officer informed him he was under arrest for a violation of conditions of release, according to the documents. 

The officer told Gould to put his hands behind his back, but the suspect ignored the orders and began running away from him. The officer followed him on foot and shouted at him to stop, and that he was under arrest, according to the documents. 

The police officer followed Gould across the parking lot until the suspect crossed Mill Bay Road and ran toward Saint Mary’s School because of traffic. 

According to the documents, Gould is on pretrial electronic monitoring by the Department of Corrections. Ankle monitor data showed alerts that indicate the ankle monitor has been tampered with. 

The officer was unable to locate Gould at the last position of the ankle monitor.  


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