Woman medevaced off Kashevaroff Mountain

Kodiak Island Search and Rescue volunteers prepare for the arrival of a Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter at the scene of the accident on Mount Kashevaroff on Monday.

A 40-year old woman was medevaced off the slopes of Mount Kashevaroff after her all-terrain vehicle flipped over and landed on top of her on Monday evening.

The Alaska State Troopers received a call about the accident at 7:19 p.m. 

Two Alaska State Wildlife Troopers responded to the scene on a four-wheeler, where they found the woman, Malissa Jones, about 1 mile from the trailhead on Rezanof Drive. She was with a group of people, said Sargent Daniel Blizzard. 

The troopers activated Kodiak Island Search and Rescue to get additional resources to help figure out how to get Jones off the mountain. 

After eight KISAR members responded to the scene, the group called the Coast Guard for help. The Coast Guard deployed a MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter air crew that was able to land on the mountain. 

The air crew transported Jones to emergency medical services, who brought her to Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center for treatment. 

Blizzard said Jones did not sustain significant injuries.

Although the troopers said they did not know why her ATV flipped over, they noted that the terrain she was found on was steeply inclined. 

The rescue was a good team effort, said Trooper Josh Boyle. 

This accident was one of the first of the season, as people take advantage of the warm weather to explore the island’s numerous trails. 

Boyle advised ATV riders to be cautious with their speed, especially on popular trails like Saltery Cove and Anton Larsen Bay Road. 

“During popular times, Saltery Cove Road gets a lot of traffic,” Boyle said. “Newer ATVs can get up to high speeds, and we have had a couple of instances where there have been collisions out there.”

He said ATV accidents are often caused by people going too fast and exceeding their vehicle’s braking limits. 

Blizzard said that while there typically are a few alcohol-related ATV accidents, many other accidents occur simply because people are unfamiliar with the terrain. 

“They get into a situation where they aren’t comfortable with (the terrain) and they crash,” he said. “We also get people out there trying to have fun and just driving too fast and being a little reckless.”

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