Get ready to see more of Kodiak Island on TV.

On Tuesday, a Discovery Channel spokeswoman confirmed the network and production company Orion Entertainment are filming here for “Kodiak,” a four-part series set to air in 2014.

“We are currently in production, and we just started filming this week,” wrote Discovery spokeswoman Kate Aconfora in an email.

According to information released by Discovery and confirmed by showbusiness magazine Variety, “Kodiak” will follow three families whose business is guiding hunters and fishermen “through the remote landscape,” Discovery said in a statement.

Kodiak has long been the providence of nature documentaries and hunting shows that focus on the archipelago’s bears, but recent years have seen a spike in the number of reality TV series that film here. “Coast Guard Alaska,” “Alaska Women Looking For Love,” and “Deadliest Catch” have all featured Kodiak.

Commercials, too, are seeking to put the Emerald Isle on the air. Over the weekend, a film crew took footage for the retail chain Target, which is planning a series of commercials to air during the winter Olympics. The Kodiak-themed Target commercial will focus on Alaska salmon for sale in Target.

Discovery’s statement says the show intends to “Introduce our viewers to the legendary forests and waters of Kodiak Island, one of the most dangerous and isolated places on Earth.”

No air date has been set for the show, but Aconfora indicated it could be as early as spring. New episodes of “Coast Guard Alaska” begin airing this month on The Weather Channel.

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