A Kodiak woman is accused of stealing more than $46,000 by writing forged checks to herself.

Maria Drinkwine, 45, was arraigned in Kodiak district court on Monday. She faces 41 felony charges. Forty of those counts are for second-degree theft, a class C felony, and one count is for first-degree theft, a class B felony.

According to court documents, on Feb. 15, a man went to the Kodiak Police Station and reported fraudulent charges on his bank account.

The man had received his bank account statements and noticed that a large amount of checks he did not write were written to Drinkwine.

He was off-island for vacation from Dec. 22 to Jan. 6. During that time, Drinkwine allegedly had access to the man's house to walk his dog.

The man told police Drinkwine was stealing checks from him even before he went on vacation because the first check was dated Dec. 17, the report reads.

When he confronted Drinkwine the next day, several text messages and phone calls were exchanged between the two of them, with Drinkwine, “apologizing and stating her remorse for what she had done,” the report reads.

He also told police he had known Drinkwine for a long time and had started an intimate relationship with her last August, but the relationship slowed down in October when Drinkwine started having medical problems. He claimed he helped Drinkwine out financially by writing out checks for more than $10,000 to pay medical bills.

The police investigation revealed copies of 36 checks payable to Maria Drinkwine were deposited and or cashed into a Credit Union 1 account, and the back of each check was allegedly signed with Drinkwine's signature, the report reads.

A total of $46,900 was stolen from the man's four bank accounts with the forged checks, and all but $500 was deposited into the Credit Union 1 account belonging to Drinkwine.

Police later found copies of additional checks totaling $5,000.

To date, 40 checks totaling $51,900 have been discovered forged.

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