Carrie Morton


Following a five-month relocation to Anchorage, Carrie Morton of Residential Mortgage, LLC has returned to reopen the company’s Kodiak branch. 

Although her office is still being furnished, Morton said she is working and people can visit her at her office, at the same 2011 Mill Bay Road building she was in before she left.  

Fortunately, she said, she still had her lease on the previous office space until October 2020. 

Morton ran the Kodiak office of Residential Mortgage for 28 years before moving to Anchorage at the end of April.

She first arrived in Kodiak in 1989 when her husband at the time transferred here with the Coast Guard. In 1991, she took over management of the Residential Mortgage office. She had worked in the field while living in South Carolina. 

Earlier this year, Morton moved to  Anchorage to be closer to family and to have more opportunities for road trips, but after four months in the big city, she realized she had made a mistake and the company let her move back to Kodiak. 

“When you work in Anchorage, you don’t have the same relationship with your clients,” Morton said. “You’re either online or on the phone. I miss this community, I miss going into Safeway and talking to people.”

Morton also said she did not like big city traffic and the number of people.  

“Unfortunately the homelessness has really increased in Anchorage. I walk a lot and I like to ride my bike and you always have to think about that before you walk out the door,” she said. 

Morton said she worked at the Women’s Show on Friday and Saturday and had many people come up and hug her. 

“You don’t realize how many people’s lives you’ve touched until you come back,” she said. 


While in Anchorage, Morton kept up-to-date with her clients in Kodiak and said she is happy to be back.   


“So many people stop by and just want to talk and get advice. That’s always been my policy. That’s what I’m going to continue,” Morton said. “It’s really good to be home. All the things I wanted to do (in Anchorage) isn’t as important as this community.”.  









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