Nathan Benton

KDM file photo

Nathan Benton coached wrestling at Kodiak high and middle schools.  

A longtime Kodiak youth sports coach is facing charges of sexual abuse of a minor, according to court documents. 

Nathan S. Benton, 46, is charged with four counts of sexual abuse of a minor — two Class B felonies and two Class C felonies — stemming from an alleged incident in 2020.

Benton has been a part of the Kodiak wrestling community for decades. He has served as an assistant coach on the Kodiak high and middle school wrestling teams and has been involved with Kodiak Kid Wrestling Club as a head coach and president. According to club vice president Steve Rounsaville, Benton resigned from his duties with the wrestling club in September. Benton had been the club’s president the past two years. 

“Our thoughts are with everyone involved,” Rounsaville said. “While Nathan was with the club, he did a great job. The kids’ parents all liked working with him. I did. We are just really sorry that this happened.” 

Kodiak Island Borough School District superintendent Larry LeDoux said Benton resigned from his coaching duties at Kodiak middle and high schools in the fall of 2020. He cited personal reasons, according to LeDoux.

“We don’t comment on criminal investigations, but we will cooperate in any investigation to our fullest extent. As far as I know, nobody in the district has been interviewed,” he said.

Bail was set at $50,000. A jury trial is scheduled to start the week of May 10.   


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