An accident at White Sands Beach put a 73-year-old fisherman from Texas in the hospital Wednesday afternoon.

His condition was unknown when he was transported in an ambulance to Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center around 5 p.m., but emergency teams had been doing CPR for about a half-hour.

Emilian Foltyn was pronounced dead at the hospital, just after 5:30 p.m. No foul play is suspected. Troopers are investigating the incident as a possible drowning, but are waiting on autopsy results, AST spokesperson Megan Peters said on Thursday.

Foltyn was in Kodiak on vacation and was fishing on the beach north of Kodiak with friends when he wandered around the corner, officials said.

“He walked to a point where they lost sight of him, and when they found him he was face-down in the water,” Bayside Fire Chief Bob Himes said.

It was about 10 minutes before his friends went looking for him and pulled him out of the water.

He was found about 400 yards from the beach entrance, officials said.

Alaska State Trooper Dennis Dupras was first on the scene, and said he, another trooper, and Himes started CPR immediately. They did CPR for around 10 minutes before the Kodiak Fire Department arrived, Dupras said.

At that point they put the man on a stretcher and carried him back to shore because the tide was coming in. They continued CPR once they were on the shore, before taking him to the ambulance.

“It is a tragedy,” Dupras said.

Foltyn's next of kin were notified.

Alaska State Troopers, Bayside Fire and the Kodiak Fire Department responded to the incident.

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