The city of Kodiak will spend $37,000 to repair failing seals and acidic glycol in the heating system of the Kodiak police station.

Glycol is the material used to carry heat from the police station’s boiler to other parts in the building. Sometime during installation of the heating system, the glycol became contaminated, turning it acidic. By January, the acidity within the system had dissolved seals, causing leaks throughout the building.

“No one involved in the design and building of the project has taken responsibility for that,” said city manager Aimee Kniaziowski.

The warranty on the boiler had just expired before the leaks developed, and while the system’s designer and installer argue about responsibility, the city will front the bill in order to have the police station ready for winter.

In a unanimous vote, the Kodiak City Council approved spending reserve money to repair the leaks and replace the glycol.

“If we don’t do something now, it’s just going to get worse,” said city councilor Terry Haines. “The city needs to step forward and do the responsible thing.”

In other business, the council unanimously approved a payment of $24,463 to DOWL HKM for additional design work on planned improvements to Shelikof Street.

Since 2008, the city has planned to improve pedestrian access and parking from City Pier 2 to Marine Way. In October, the council approved $218,336 for design work, but work near North Pacific Fuel storage tanks was more complicated than first thought. The new addition brings the design budget to almost $245,000. Funding for construction has not yet been obtained.

The city council also:

• declared Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 Hispanic heritage month;

• recognized outgoing parks and recreation director Ian Fulp for his 39 years of service to the city;

• granted the city manager permission to adopt new asphalt and concrete standards for the city;

• extended a two-year contract with Bill Feda to operate the boat lift;

• approved a restaurant liquor license for Noodles restaurant.

The next city council work session is Sept. 25. The next regular meeting is Sept. 27.

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