A Kodiak man is facing multiple charges after allegedly using a credit card that did not belong to him Friday evening, according to court documents. 

Timothy Kimmel, 31, is charged with fraudulent use of an access device, and with obtaining an access device or identification documents by fraudulent means, both felonies. 

At 6:22 p.m. Friday, a Shelikof Lodge employee reported to police that Kimmel rented a room using a credit card with a different name than his own. 

The employee said Kimmel wanted to rent a room and gave her his temporary Alaska driver’s license. 

She told police that while she processed and made a copy of his temporary license, Kimmel was acting suspiciously.  

After the transaction, Kimmel left the lobby. 

The employee noticed that the name on the receipt for the card purchase was different from Kimmel’s name on his license. 

When Kimmel was walking through the lobby to leave the building, the employee confronted him about the discrepancy, but Kimmel did not respond and left the building. 

The officers contacted the person whose name was on the credit card receipt to ask if she had given someone permission to use her card. Through a Spanish translator, the card’s owner said she had lost or misplaced her card two weeks before.  

She denied giving anyone permission to use it. 

While the officers were speaking to the woman, police dispatch told them Kimmel was back at the lodge. 

The police went to the lodge and spoke to Kimmel, who said he had been given the card by a couple who told him he could book a room with it. 

When police asked where the card was, he said that he gave it back to the couple and did not know their names or where they had been. 

Kimmel’s next court next hearing is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. on Dec. 10. 

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