Both windows of the Marine Way Safeway liquor store are now boarded up after separate vandalism incidents.

A Kodiak man allegedly threw a rock through the store’s window on Friday evening.

The other window was already boarded up from an August incident when a Kodiak man threw a nearby Anchorage Daily News stand through it. The business had to replace the window in July for the same reason.

Safeway manager Mike Murray said this string of window-breaking incidents has been unusual.

“It’s pretty infrequent,” Murray said. “It’s been many, many years at that store since glass was broken.”

Murray plans to talk with the property owner about the possibility of shatterproof glass.

“We’ll be having conversation with the property owner about that,” Murray said. “I don’t know what the cost of a shatterproof glass is, but it wouldn’t matter if it were my glass. This wasn’t anything more than vandalism. It’ll be ultimately his decision in how progressive he wants to be to take the action.”

Everett Coulter, 57, faces a third-degree criminal mischief charge, a class C felony.

The latest incident occurred around 5 p.m. on Friday, when Coulter allegedly threw a large rock through the window and fled the scene.

Coulter had gone into the store earlier that morning and attempted to buy alcohol, but Safeway employees refused to sell to him because he had alcohol restrictions on his license, the report reads.

Coulter’s name was on the store’s ledger that listed alcohol-restricted customers.

Police found Coulter in the downtown area around 9:40 p.m. Friday.

The damage from the incident was estimated to be more than $500.

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