High Rise marijuana store opening 3

Jack Schactler stands behind the counter at High Rise in June, the store's opening day.

The Kodiak City Council unanimously voted to issue a letter of non-objection with conditions for the license renewal of High Rise LLC, the cannabis retail store that opened its doors in June. 

During the review of the application, the meeting opened to public comment.

“I’d like to speak in favor of renewal of this license for trying to move this (the marijuana industry) from a black market industry to a professional monitors and testing industry data,” Brent Watkins said. 

Jack Schactler, the owner of High Rise LLC  “is very far that direction of health, community and bringing in tax dollars and I encourage you to renew his license,” Watkins added. 

“The city clerk sent inquiries to the chief of police, fire chief, finance director and the building official asking if any had concerns about the proposed renewal,” City Manager Mike Tvenge said. “None expressed concerns that would require the council to object to the issuance of the license.”

The letter of non-objection was issued with the condition that edible marijuana products will not be sold within city limits. 

During the meeting’s closing remarks, council member Terry Haines pointed out that he has heard from seniors who use edibles to treat their ailments. 

“Some edibles are in use — especially with some of our seniors to treat various things especially pain — and (seniors) find it very efficacious and substitute for much more harmful substances,” Haines said. “I want people to know that we are going to be revisiting that.” 

Although Schactler had been granted his license at the beginning of June, all licenses expire at the same time, Schactler said Friday. 

Marijuana Establishment License Renewal must be submitted by July 1, no matter when the original license was received, according to the Alaska Marijuana Control Office website. 

Three weeks after receiving his marijuana establishment license, he had to apply for a new one, Schactler said. 

Despite this hurdle, business for the new marijuana retail store is going well, Schactler said. 

“We get a lot of requests for edibles,” Schactler said. 

He sees “15 to 20 new people every day requesting edibles.” Pastors, teachers, other locals and tourists go to his store to request edibles, Schactler said. 

Edibles “have so much more medical benefits than what people realize.”








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