The Kodiak City Council is scheduled to vote on local regulations for marijuana businesses.

The council on Thursday will vote on the first reading of two ordinances. 

The first ordinance would designate the city as the local regulating authority on marijuana.

According to a memo to councilors from City Manager Mike Tvenge, this provision will ensure the city receives funds from the state. 

“Alaska Statute provides for the transfer of a portion of license application fees to the ‘local regulatory authority,’ and this ordinance will ensure collection of any available fees,” he wrote. 

A second proposed ordinance would prohibit the extraction of tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly referred to as THC, or any cannaboid with methods or materials “deemed dangerous to public health and safety, unless otherwise permitted by law.”

According to the proposed ordinance, some methods of manufacturing marijuana products can result in fires or explosions. 

The proposed ordinance prohibits anyone from using solvents with compressed flammable gases or solvent-based extraction with any substance other than vegetable glycerin without valid licensing and permits. 

If approved, the ordinances would go into effect one month after passage in the second reading. 

Council will also consider spending $250,000 for upgrades to wastewater lift stations.

The council in January approved spending $244,195 to refurbish lift stations one and two. However, the city Public Works Department has indicated that lift station three is now in critical need of another pump or bypass “to prevent a critical situation in the event of the existing pump failure,” Tvenge wrote in a memo to councilors. 

The resolution under consideration would authorize a change order to the existing contract with Brechan Construction for installation of a bypass system. 

“By-pass piping installed under this change order will be reused as part of a very long by-pass system that will be needed when lift station 4 is being replaced,” he wrote.

In other business, the council will vote on resolutions to remove a limitation on the number of people who can serve on the newly formed Economic Development Committee and name election workers for the October municipal election. They will also vote on appointments to the Economic Development Committee and authorization of $41,600 to replace “jaws of life” equipment for the Kodiak Fire Department.

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